How to Make Chicken Pad Thai

Hi y'all my name is Nicki and this is my Texafornia Kitchen and today, we're going to be making chicken pad thai I have all the ingredients out here, and I'm gonna go over them with you two chicken breasts three tablespoons of vegetable oil I'm using lo mein, but if you can find pad, thai that's good, too You'll need about 8 ounces of it, then I have 1/3 cup of green onions 2 cups of bean sprouts one lime that you're going to use for the zest and the juice 1 egg 1/3 cup of salted peanuts, then we have some brown sugar you'll need 2 tablespoons

We have rice vinegar here You'll also need 2 tablespoons of this we have Hoison sauce and you're gonna need 2 tablespoons We have fish sauce you're gonna need 1/4 a cup of this and Lastly we have the red chili sauce it's chili garlic sauce you'll find it in the Asian section of your store Actually, you'll find most of these ingredients in the Asian section of your store So just spend a little bit of time there and also you're gonna need some minced garlic It's 1 tablespoon I like to buy this kind it's already pre-mixed You can do it by hand if you want It's just a lot more work and then if you like cilantro as a Topping you can have some of this as well the very first thing that I did was I cooked my lo mein I just recommend that you read your package directions so for mine It said to bring your water to boiling and then put it in the lo mein noodles for 3 minutes And that's it It's really easy to overcook lo mein So just make sure you read your package directions with all of this the next thing I did was I scrambled my egg I figured y'all didn't need to see that I just have one egg nice and scrambled here it's gonna be a topping later on now what I've done is I have combined all of these ingredients the brown sugar the rice vinegar the hoisin sauce and the fish sauce and I just have the Asian garlic chili sauce left It's one tablespoon of this if you're not a fan of spicy things maybe do a little bit less The very next step is to cut up your chicken so what you want to do with each chicken breast is cut it long ways first And then cut it into small strips Now we're ready to move to the stovetop So I've already added one tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pan I'm just gonna Make it cover most of it the first thing I'm going to add is the chicken We're gonna cook the chicken for six minutes or until it's done I forgot to add this at the beginning, but we're also going to throw in a tablespoon of minced garlic and Now what we're gonna do is pull out the chicken and set it in a separate Bowl Ok so this is the last of the chicken you're gonna leave the juices from the chicken in the pan along with the garlic pour an extra two tablespoons of vegetable oil and add your bean sprouts My husband And I really like bean sprout so we use two full cups If you don't like them as much you could just use one cup We're gonna let these bean sprouts cook for a whole minute It's been a minute and our bean sprouts look nice and tender so now we're gonna add in our noodles and our chicken You'll notice that our noodles are pretty stuck together yours will be too, but don't worry about it We're going to pour our sauce mixture on top of them and this will loosen them up Now I'm gonna add the chopped green onion and the scrambled egg We're gonna pull this off the heat and fix up the toppings Here and have 1/4 to 1/3 cup of chopped peanuts for our topping I Already zested my lime I have about half a teaspoon here So I'm going to add all these ingredients to a bowl the peanuts and the lime, and that's gonna be our topping Here's the peanuts and the lime zest, and I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit on top For a final addition if you like cilantro, it goes really well on the top of this dish I'm going to take just a few leaves and chop them up as well If you don't have one of these tools, that's okay You can always chop your peanuts up with a food processor, and then you can cut up the cilantro So I'm just gonna put a few little pieces on top and there we have it our beautiful chicken pad thai


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