Hello everyone, I'm just standing here having a nice chilled glass of wine Hey everybody I am so excited to be doing this today, this is the first video for Cookingwith Chris, and today I'm going to do a video on low carb meatballs, and the reason I chose to do that is, I've been doing this great series on the Keto diet or you know how to get into ketosis and lose weight with a high fat, low protein low carb diet that I decided to do a version of the meatballs sans the breadcrumbs

So we're not going to use breadcrumbs in this particular recipe today, but I think you're going to find these absolutely delicious, if you serve them for your family or you have them at a party, because you can do an Hors d'Oeuvre size of the meatballs, people are going to go nuts, I'm telling you, they always do So, the first thing I'm going to go through the types of ingredients and how to make the meatballs and how long to cook them, and I'll talk a little bit about where you can find all this information Before we get started, if you haven't done this already, please subscribe and hit the little bell so that you get reminders or notices when I upload these videos, because I will be doing a whole lot of recipes as we move forward with this new section of the channel So let's get started, the first thing you're going to get started with is 2 pounds of turkey meat and 1 pound of chicken, ground, both of those ground and both of those lean and I'll tell you why in just a second You're going to take those and put them in a large bowl and you can use a fork or use your hands, I always use my hands, but you can use a fork, and get the meats kind of mixed together, so that they are sort of blended

They don't have to be completely blended, just so this chunky look here that they have, ok So it takes 3 eggs for this much meat, so then you're going to mix the eggs and the meat together, and I suggest you use your hands, it's a lot easier than using the fork, but whatever your preference is So get that meat all mixed up really really well and then we're going to add a cup of Romano and Parmesan cheese And the reason that I use Romano and Parmesan grated powdered cheese is because Parmesan is the lightest flavored cheese that is in the white Italian cheese line, so we want to add another cheese that has a little bolder flavor that won't cook out, and Romano will not do that, it will actually flavor the meatball very very well So you mix that in and then the next thing we're going to mix in is a half a cup of olive oil

So we're adding back fat into the meatballs, and the reason we're doing this with the cheese is that the cheese and the oil will help bind the meatball together if you're not using breadcrumbs So this is very important You want to mix the cheese and the oil and the meat together, it needs to be really squishy and then you're going to add your seasonings and your're going to add your italian seasons of basil and oregano and then I use Lawry's seasoned pepper, and then you're also going to want to use some onion powder and some garlic powder, or you can use chopped onion , finely chopped onion and you know, grated garlic, you can do that I like the powders better for meatballs because they blend well and the meatball has an even flavor All of the ingredient list and the amounts that you need to use to make these meatballs is down below in the channel, or in the video description box in, so I put that in there for you, also the nutritional information will be down there below the recipe, and again you can make these into medium size meatballs or smaller ones, and the way you do that is once you've got everything mixed together it should be kind of mushy

If you're not using bread crumbs you can add more cheese, more and more cheese until it will form a ball in the palm of your hand, that's how you make them If you are using breadcrumbs, then it takes a little bit less cheese and you just use the breadcrumbs to thicken up the meat It should hold together as a ball in the palm of your hand as you roll them together between your palms to form that ball If it's not doing that, then you're going to have to add more cheese in this recipe or more breadcrumbs in the other version So you've made your meatballs, I make them medium size, again you can make them smaller for like Hors d'Oeuvres, and then you're going to place them on a non stick foil lined baking pan

Now you can do these in the skillet, some people skillet cook them, Iike them better in the oven The flavor again blends better, the herbs mix well to the meat and flavor the meat much better I think in the 350 degree oven So you're going to place the meatballs in the oven for 35 minutes if they are medium and smaller size If you make larger meatballs you're going to need to put them in there for 45 to 50 minutes You want to make sure that raw chicken and raw turkey is cooked all the way through

You don't want to make people sick with a healthy recipe, right? So use a meat thermometer is the easy way to check for that temperature to be over 165 degrees, more likely to be closer to 200 they're done The other way is to cut them in half and make sure the middle is cooked all the way through, you know then you get to eat the one that you tested So once the meatballs are done, what I do is I put them in a red tomato sauce Now I make my own sauces, but you can also buy sauces, and I'll have a recipe for a low carb sauce, this is sort of the low carb version, but you want to heat those meatballs in tomato sauce, in spaghetti sauce or whatever sauce you are using for 30 minutes And the reason you want to do that is that by heating them longer in the sauce the meat that tends to be a little spongy when it's turkey, and chicken tends to be a little spongier than beef, you want to put them in the sauce so they absorb some of that moisture from the sauce and it makes them extra delicious

So 35 to 45 to 50 minutes in the oven until they are done, 165 degree plus temperature, cut them in half, then 30 minutes at a minimum, you can do it longer simmered in your favorite spaghetti sauce or Italian sauce or marinara or whatever you are doing, so you want to do that These things are absolutely raved about every time I make them I get asked for this recipe all the time and I really wanted to do a low carb version that's tasty and works for people So please as I always ask, subscribe, let me know how they turn out So take a minute and check out the channel, there's a lot more to the channel than just this recipe or this segment We have things on health and wellness, skin care, weight loss, all of that's there for you

So take a moment and go through the channel and watch some of the videos and the other topic areas and I think you'll find some things that you might learn something and really really enjoy I really appreciate you watching again, comment, I answer questions if you ask them so it's really important that you ask me questions And share this with people who are looking for this kind of recipes and again what's really most important is to hear back from you on how they were And you know what? While we're talking about it, if you've got a great low carb recipe, let's do this, if you've got a great low carb recipe that's keto friendly, or even paleo friendly, if you will put it in the comments section, or comment to me and let me know ,that you have that, I'll get a hold of you and I might feature that in one of the Cooking With Chris segments So, let's do that, let's have some of the subscribers send in some of their stuff and I'll put your name out and we'll talk about your recipe, how about that? So stay tuned for great things to come and have a great rest of your week and we'll be back with more soon!


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