Vindaloo Recipe in a Pressure Cooker

From Portugal all the way to the west coast of India; no it's not Portuguese colonialism, its vindaloo! coming up! This week, I'm trying a recipe for vindaloo It's not specific to any particular kind of vindaloo, so you can do chicken Pork, mutton, whatever you like I've chosen to go with chicken But obviously you can go with whatever meat you want to

Now I have had vindaloo before in a restaurant But I've never had this recipe so we're gonna try it out let you know how it turned out plus any little Things that I noticed about it Before we get started go ahead hit the subscribe button or there'll be one at the end Take 250 grams of meat I use chicken in this case Also take 1 teaspoon of pepper, salt, garam masala, and up to 4 Teaspoons of chili powder as you can see here I used 1

Yes I am the chicken that I eat Mix the spices together take 4 teaspoons of vinegar 4 teaspoons of garlic paste (all I had was ginger-garlic paste So I used that instead) add the paste and the vinegar to the chicken and mix well Add the spices in a two liter pressure cooker add 4 teaspoons of water and 4 teaspoons of oil In this particular case I used olive oil

Add 2 Bay leaves add the chicken on top Cook on high for 7 minutes Okay, nothing left to do, but give it a try See it's cooked I Checked it with a thermometer It is cooked all the way through maybe a little too much but that's because of my equipment so Chicken vindaloo, let's give this a try see how it is Good I like it I definitely like the Sour It's a little salty and that may be because some of the ginger garlic pastes out there use more salt than others so if you Just reduce it a bit

It's fine Yeah the stuff I got in the restaurant would always be red You never really got the sour flavor off of it It was just hot hot hot This on the other hand I'm getting a nice balance, especially since I chose to use less chili powder But if you want to do that and be more authentic you go right ahead Now the recipe says it's good for any kind of meat so I'm actually gonna try pork and then goat then I'll let you know how that turns out but recipes good definitely recommended Okay, that's it for this video Feel free to leave a like leave a comment below if you don't like go ahead hit the like button anyway, show what a great human being you are they'll be like to subscribe a link for a playlist full of videos just like this And a link for my most recent video Once again I'm JD Tremaine

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