Paleo Banana Nice Cream aka Dairy Free Ice Cream | Episode 31

* incoherent blabbering* fucking awkward I didn't mean it hey everybody its Alex welcome to my kitchen where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what I'm working with today is frozen bananas coconut oil vanilla coconut milk so naturally I'm gonna be making paleo ice cream also known as nice cream because it's so nice to your digestive tract if you're lactose intolerant you're welcome this recipe is super easy and you're gonna love it you're gonna make it all the time ice cream every day I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream you're gonna need a giant blender uh I don't own one so I'm using a food processor so because of that I let my frozen banana sit out for a couple of minutes they're still very frozen but they're just not as rock solid hard as they were before I have no idea how many bananas are in here rock hard so these measurements are gonna be exact so all that banana yeah I'm just gonna pulse it up I think that's okay this looks so good so right now we have this super smooth and creamy dreamy ice cream that's YUM that's yum just by itself if you want to stop here and just say I'm done I get it but we're gonna make it even a little bit better and add a couple more things some vanilla I never measure vanilla I feel like vanilla is for the soul and you just you just put however much you want just feel it feel the vibrations such a good vibration now the coconut milk technically this is a full can in here but I only want I don't know how much I want the recipe the way that I wrote it before was four bananas to half a can of coconut milk I don't know how many bananas I use so that seems good lets mix it up is it just me or is there like a very high-pitched sound that was not nice but this is so now it's just a little ou this is for you dad let's try it now ooh yes it just it tastes a little bit more like ice cream now because we have the coconut milk in it so it's got that creamier taste to it which is really really nice so now I want to see if I can make this two ways I'm gonna take um basically half of this and just put it into a bowl to go into the freezer you guys really you could eat it like this right now I'm gonna take half and scoop it into a freezer safe Bowl I don't know what makes a bowl freezer safe because what makes the bowl not freezer safe so the only thing that you want to put this in the freezer for maybe like 10 minutes or so it's just too hard on it up a bit because it's kind of like currently the consistency of ice cream soup if you've ever made ice cream soup if you haven't made ice cream soup what happened to your childhood I'm gonna put this in the freezer let me gonna take the rest of this onto here I'm gonna add some chocolate because I'm crazy so this is just cocoa powder this is totally optional and I've never actually done it before so I'm gonna add a spoonful of cocoa powder cocoa cocoa powder oh my god just touching it and I'm covered in it mix it up I need to scrape down the sides nay who okay it smells chocolatey which is very good let's taste this one it gets soupier in here too because I think the machine is hot I don't know maybe if you have a fancy Vitamix you can keep it cold but I obviously can't it's nice so this is also gonna go into a freezer safe bowl totally okay to lick the spoon and the bowl oh yeah this is why I don't get invited places into the freezer and now we wait probably 10 to 15 minutes or you know zero minutes or you know 30 or you know whatever works for you super scientific recipe I realized I forgot an ingredient after I mix these all up which was the coconut oil and the coconut oil helps that kind of harden a little bit so these are less hardened than they would normally be but that's okay a lot of things get forgotten that's also my life maybe I need to work on that alright so you should mix this in with your food processor but I'm gonna try to mix it in just like this I think I've used every spoon in my house for this recipe so we just added the coconut oil to both of my recipes because I forgot that on in the food processor you still can't see it which is good so I snuck it in there but what happens the coconut oil coconut oil is you know when it gets cold it gets hard so that kind of helps the nice cream get really hard and stick together more of a consistency of ice cream I love this stuff I love it so much I have an ice cream problem back to the freezer then I guess I'll actually set a timer this time so I don't just come and check on it when I want it which was probably like three minutes okay guys my nice creams are nice and frosty this is the awkward way to hold them so they're really frosty it's been about you know exactly one-and-a-half episodes of Malcolm in the Middle so that's how long it takes to freeze it and I'm gonna scoop it into my bowl ooh I could do like half chocolate half vanilla oh this is my wild and exciting Friday night at home by myself alright so it is vanilla because we put vanilla in it but technically it's banana okay we have a beautiful nice cream sundae if it's gonna all fly out if I try to show you to get this way get the night cream it already you can top it with some fun stuff like shaved coconut or hazelnuts any kind of nut some chocolates sauce shaved chocolate fresh bananas get crazy but you are gonna be so amazed at how delicious this nice cream tastes if you like this video be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe until next time I hope you enjoy some of the frozen treat this is so good oh my god would it be too much if I ate for all this ice cream in one sitting see you next time bye! ice cream responsibly people


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