Easy Macaroni Salad Hawaiian Style RECIPE

Hello Welcome to our recipe video today as well Today I got a request from many people I will make a Hawaiian-style macaroni salad! Macaroni salad in Hawaii is, of course, similar to other macaroni salads

But there are some differences But one thing I can say is easy and delicious What do you start with? First of all, carrots carrot! This is a complete option However, I like to give color taste with carrots Even a little nutrition will enter

Because macaroni salad has not much nutrition I prepared one but I will not use it at all Just a little just a little? Just a bit Really only a little Surely surprising, do not use this Is it enough? Completely

I like peeling as you like You do not have to leave Up to you Just a little peel I guess it is dirty Because this is a beautiful carrot I am not worried I chose to be beautiful Yeah

Thank you I will cut a square It is very small On the minced meat It's almost chopped To be honest, at least it's better Hawaiian · Macaroni salad needs little material Most of them are macaroni itself

Macaroni salad surely comes in a plate lunch Plate lunch! Hawaiian plate lunch has Plate lunch! you have to Macaroni salad comes in In a recent, modern plate lunch, I have come to be able to choose between a macaroni salad or a green salad, though

Green salad · · But, old-fashioned place, There is no choice, only a macaroni salad It chopped, When I went to Hawaii last time, Last time it is Together with Lorentz I was surprised that he liked the Hawaiian Macaroni salad exactly Not everyone likes it Mayonnaise is full, It's almost macaroni It's a carbohydrate But he likes it truly Lawrence puts money on clothes, But regarding food, The price does not matter

You can taste it I made it very small Macaroni salad has different recipes in its houses I like to make super simple Very simple Besides this, I put celery or something

celery? But, there are many people who do not like it So do not use celery It is very fine carrots so I think that this is good It's fine

This is good On the side I will use it later Mix with macaroni I will use another material I use parsley

parsley This is also your choice I use it because it's me I like to put parsley How long do you use? Very slightly It's a little This is absolutely your choice It's about 2 knobs

2 · · 2 what do you say? I do not know but, Finely chopped Rainbow Drive in and going and going, It is very famous Plate Lunch in Hawaii There is nothing like parsley in that place Only carrots maybe But, what is it a little bit

I almost can not see it I think that Zippies is the same Only a little carrots It is almost macaroni Mostly macaroni That is important That is Hawaiian macaroni salad Well, we prepared hot water in the pot

It is very hot, so be careful In the bag, 100 g of macaroni has 1 liter of water 200 g is contained in this bag I will spend all of it But do not use water for 2 liters

It is not that big pot Because I will not obey the instructions and so on Put a little salt, Maybe, About 1 teaspoon? I will put in a macaroni I really do not follow the instructions I will not obey! I made it many times, It is troublesome to use a measuring cup or the like, I do not need a light spoon

If the salty taste is weak, you only have to mix it after mixing I always do that With this, boil it for about 8 minutes, as in the bag Everyone, please watch the time with hot water written in your own bag Since it took 8 minutes, Macaroni boiled Cut off hot water

Be careful Please cut hot water firmly Watery macaroni salad people do not like it I do not want it, it is watery Watery macaroni salad · · · I'll put this in the bowl Boiled macaroni It looks delicious as it is

Add carrots to parsley It is chopped vegetables Can you cut down carrots only half? all right I feel like I do not need it all And parsley That's OK I thought pasta could be done a little more, but I think that this is just a good amount

I will put mayonnaise here If you want to make this recipe like Hawaii, Do not use mayonnaise in Japan I know what I like but Use this best food mayonnaise No other brands Best Foods This is the very best I bought it yesterday at the supermarket

It's not everywhere Not all of them are sold at supermarkets How much? I say Firstly a lot of heap Is not it enough? Not at all More I have not made it for many years already Ten years or so Second set More? Let's mix it once So I can tell that it's not enough I remember Hawaii Memory of Hawaii Memories of macaroni salad Just watching this, I can tell that Mayo is not enough

Not yet? I use about half? What? To be more is that so It's very creamy Mayo full It feels like pasta is in this Mayo cream It is more like a macaroni salad in Hawaii I want to say OK at this level, but it is not enough yet You can put as much as you want That much After that, I prepare a little taste with salt · pepper

I will use this magic wand Then the Magic wand It does not come out? I wanted to go That's good And pepper Magic wand That's enough! I can not enter much mix well It's like this This is a Hawaiian Macaroni salad Always included in Hawaiian plate lunch If you like, please visit You liked Lorentz It's easy to make at home! Even in Hong Kong Try it! I can do it I can do it When cooking at home, recommend tasting Perfection is that so I do not need any more Serve this as a container This bowl is also beautiful though

Well, it looks like it It will do as long as it does not feel like it looks From the mixing bowl please As it is? Okay! My cousin will do it I love macaroni salad You are ordering a bigger Macaroon salad with Zippies I like to eat that much

This is Hawaiian Macaroni salad Let's sounds delisious Compared to what I ate in Hawaii Let's eat! It's creamy, is not it? Feelings in Hawaii I am the same They both wear Aloha shirts Wagawara wear me Curtain which imaged the blue sea behind Hawaiian Macaroni Salad Another thing I want is Teriyaki Beef Fried Chicken And onigiri Feeling back to Hawaii This salad, it is rare to eat this alone, I often eat it with other main dishes If you need vegetables, you can do with vegetables But it depends on you guys I like parsley and carrots again, so I do not have to put it if I do not want to Mayo and Macaroni alone are enough! Have you enjoyed today's recipe? Let me hear your thoughts If you have anything you would like to do again, If it is something we can make, we will gladly make it

There are other Hawaiian style recipes There is a playlist, so click on it Both Japanese recipes and fusion, Instant noodle hack too If you are new, please register your channel Thank you very much


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