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Hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Cait Straight Up Saint Patricks Day is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite times of the year for its delicious Corned Beef I like Corned Beef and Cabbage, I have a recipe for that and I love some delicious Corned Beef Hash now today that's what we're doing it is perfect For if you are going to be drinking all day at a St Patrick's Day parade not that I go to those anymore i am way too old i may only have one or two or three on my calendar for this year i feel like i was really coming down but I need my Corned Beef Hash before I go so this recipe is perfect for already cooked Corned Beef left overs that type of thing after you've had your corned beef and cabbage for the year so you're going to give your corned beef that is fully cooked a nice rough chop doesn't have to be perfect some people like to shred it some people like to do nice big chunks but just kind of move around and just slice it all up and unfortunately you're going to want to leave that fat on

After you have your Corned Beef all diced up, just go ahead and add it to your skillet best thing about this recipe is it is completely one pot you are not going to have a mess after this This is for leftovers or this is for if you're having a St Patricks Day party that type of thing so one pot stove top and in the oven So you're going to let your corned beef cook in that pan with that fat That's going to kind of serve as our oil to allow this to not stick to our pan and we're just going to add about two or three shakes of some Malt vinegar just a little bit give it some sizzle, perfect while you're letting this corned beef and vinegar cook together you are going to slice up one yellow onions again This is like a hash casserole so you can go ahead and rough chop it and once you got that nice and sliced you're adding your onions in with your corned beef your going to give all that and nice stir let your onion mix in with that delicious corned beef and that nice kind of fat that we don't want to admit is in it

Its alright, one day a year right? We're going to stop at this step for about five to ten minutes and just let our onions and our corned beef cook together you're going to want to leave it on medium heat you don't want anything getting crazy you can even kick it down to medium low if it feels like it's getting a little bit too hot because you want your onions to kind of start juicing up like they do right in that corned beef One of the last ingredients that we're going to need to chop up for this dish is some nice bell pepper to throw in, in just a few minutes now you can use any color red green or orange But since its St Patricks Day and I'm gonna have some other green ingredients I went with orange to give it an Irish flare While this is cooking we can shred up our potatoes now you guys know I love my veggie bullet but there are plenty of products that you can shred up your potatoes with so we're just going to get some nice Russet potatoes and get those going so it's my personal belief that a hash is not a hash unless the potatoes are shredded so I would take my Russet potato and i'm going to put it into my veggie bullet now any type of shredder that you have will work just make sure you get it in turn it on and shredded it up before we add our shredded potatoes i'm going to go ahead and add in my orange bell pepper and give it a nice stir we want to let all the vegetables kind of a second before we move on to the next step nothing too crazy with the bell peppers just let them kind of get going let mix in and then it's time to this hash really started the last step before we do our egg at our final ingredients in the oven is to add our actual shredded potatoes so I like to do a little bit at a time I feel like it's easier for mixing purposes so just add a little bit we had three potatoes here to start and then just blend it all in with your ingredients and now you're just going to want to make sure that it gets nice and blended that its evenly distributed through out that you don't got too much of something in one corner that's not good for anything so just nicely evenly distributed stir up that corned beef add a little bit more potatoes to your liking you don't want this to be too much potatoes but it is kind of you know the base of the dish so add what you think and then were going to work on mixing it and pressing it down so it actually gets that hash feel that we want so when you get your potatoes nice and evenly kind of mixed it with your other ingredients you're going to press them down like this now I will say if you can't shred them like I did you can do this with chucks of potatoes it's gonna taste you know good to but we want to press it down kinda so we're making like a little pie we're going to allow this to cook on medium to high heat for about five minutes so we want our hash to brown up just a bit that's what makes a good hash right so we wanted to brown up but we also wanted to cook evenly so about halfway through as its getting browned on the bottom just give a flip and then re kind of push it down like this you're going to do this a couple times throughout cooking just so you get that nice hash feel and now for my favorite part of this entire recipe we're going to kinda of dig in three little like nest areas that we're going to pour egg into it makes it so freaking fantastic you guys have no idea so just kind of like move it around a little bit doesn't have to be perfect this whole pan is going right into the oven but just make like three little nests then you have to crack your eggs and hope you got good aim which sometimes I don't so let's hope it goes okay all right Once your three eggs are nicely perched into their delicious nest this is going into a 375-degree oven for about 20 minutes we want it to crisp up you can even broil it at the end a little bit if you want to but at least 20 minutes and then get consistency that you like we could totally crisp this hash up Its not sticking to this pan

I had a conversation with my friends recently after maybe two or three beers and we were all like a dish has some love if it got some chives on top and i was like I couldn't agree more so this dish needs to have it We're just going to give a nice rough chop want them to be kind of thick so they stand out and just give it a nice chop and that's perfect I think I lost one on the floor but we're good Easy enough guys, right? After about 20 minutes our eggs are cooked at that 375 It is time to put that extra a little bit of love right over the top with our green onions and our chives and that is it your Corned Beef Hash is done and it looks awesome I mean what else could you want grab a Guinness its St Patricks Day I guess subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more fun recipes every Tuesday if you have any questions comments concerns anything If you want to know what I am up to just tweet at me or do that below this video and other than that I can't wait to see you next time bye bye


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