Chatpata Rajma Wrap – Kidney Beans Wrap Recipe – Indian Style Mexican Burritos

Hello and welcome to Kissan tiffin timetable My name is Ajay Chopra and I'm back with some lovely new recipes

Well we know your tiffin trouble that's why some of India's favorite chefs have come together to create 200 recipes for 200 school days Well today I've brought for you'll wonderful rajma wrap This is my wonderful take on a Mexican Burrito, Very Indian, very simple, very tasty Come let’s see how to make " Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin" Well this recipe is actually very quick, very simple First, heat a pan, add oil in it and all of this can be done a night before and kept Some chopped garlic and some chopped ginger And once the ginger is sauteed a little bit, add finely chopped onions Garlic and onions are nicely sauteed and they have turned brown Now we'll add some masala's, coriander powder, some salt and a lovely hint of the red chili powder At this stage, I want to add loads of chopped tomato Now the twist in my Mexican Burrito urf Rajma wrap is that I have got this lovely chutney

This is loved with Vada pav and this vada pav chutney is now become a part of my lovely rajma wrap You can see how lovely the tomatoes are looking getting just slightly soft And now I want to add this boiled rajma or kidney beans Now comes a little bit of water to bring it together Just let it dance together for a little while and then I'm gonna add the magic ingredient Kissan tomato ketchup Well The Kissan tomato ketchup in this dish is so lovely, because it brings in the tanginess to the dish and also it just blends in so beautifully with the rajma That you'll actually wonder! Oh, is there ketchup in it, but actually the ketchup lifts the dish up and along with the ketchup I'm gonna put some chopped fresh coriander Smell of fresh green coriander, is just so divine Okay, stuffing is done So simple, we're just going to cool it a little bit, not too much So that we can easily wrap it I've some pre-made chapati's which I'm going to just warm up with a little bit of oil There comes my chapati and here comes the lovely Rajma mixture

The Wrap is nicely stuffed and ready all I need to do is just take this wrapping paper and Simple wrap is done, ready to go into the Tiffin box Some fresh pomegranate seeds And I've got some lovely walnuts


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