BAKING | Mini Cheesecakes: easy cheesecake recipe!

Hello everyone and welcome to An Italian Overseas Today I'm going to show you how to make mini cheesecakes This is a recipe that I came up with by myself Oh, hi Ebe I didn't really like how other cheesecakes tasted and their texture so I tried to come up with my own version and it took a long time, it was about I guess my tenth or eleventh batch came out fine So, this is my new and improved recipe and I really hope your guys enjoy! Ebe sure does Hey guys, she really wants to eat a cheesecake, so Come here C'mon C'mon Yea, that's a blackberry Do you like it? For the base of the mini cheesecakes start by adding the crackers to the bowl then the butter at room temperature and the granulated sugar Mix well This should be the final consistency Make the base for the mini cheesecakes press it well Bake at 300 degrees for 8 minutes To make the filling, start with cream cheese at room temperature whisk it a little bit then add the yogurt and keep whisking add the powdered sugar and whisk some more add the vanilla extract and the grated lemon peel finish by adding the egg put the cheesecake filling in a pastry bag take the baked cheesecake base and squeeze in the filling bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes Our mini cheesecakes are almost ready Now we just need to top them You can top them with whatever you want to but for today I chose: white chocolate milk chocolate and blackberry preserve Let's top them! Our cheesecakes are all done Remember: the secret to a good cheesecake is very slow changes in temperature So, that's why we started with the ingredients at room temperature and we made sure to leave the oven door open after we baked them also before topping them we made sure that the cheesecakes were at room temperature and after we topped them we left them in the fridge for about one hour to cool down So As usual, my assistant, my other assistant is here Glauco? He's like right at the edge of the table Come here Here we go Hello Do you want some? Well

We're all done so thank you guys for watching and have a good one!


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