Yunnan one pot rice noodle soup (Mi Xian) 小鍋米線

Hi guys, here is Yi Guilin is famous for its beautiful sceneries as well as it's tasty rice noodle soup

So in today's video, I'm going to make a quick and easy one-pot rice noodle soup The rice noodles need to soak in cold water for at least an hour 200g pork mince, 3-4 whole corianders and 100g chive both cut to about 4-5cm long Pour 500ml water into a medium size pot add 3 tbsp light soy sauce You could also add 1 tbsp more if you like your noodles saltier

1 tbsp dark soy sauce for the colour Add our raw pork mince straight into the pot, stir it vigorously to break the mince 1 tsp white pepper powder, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp of lard You can also use vegetable oil instead Turn our stove on medium heat and bring it to boil

Once it starts boiling, we can add our softened Guilin rice noodle I'm cooking 3 portions here Stir fried pickled green mustard The amount is up to you It has a sweet and sourness

Add about 100ml more water Once our noodles are cooked and the soup starts boiling again, we can add our green veggies Here I'm using chives and corianders Both have a strong fragrant Then we can turn off the heat and add in 1 tsp of self-made chilli oil

I will put the recipe of the chilli oil on the card GuiLin noodles are soft and chewy go great with the sweet and sour green mustard and the pork mince soup


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