hey guys welcome back to my channel and another keto Vlog we just had a simple lunch some spinach mix with tomatoes half of an avocado two scrambled eggs in some Kerrygold butter and couple of strips of bacon now we're gonna enjoy some iced coffee there it is I'm gonna marinate some pork sirloin for tonight's dinner we gonna grill it and I'm thinking about making some Greek salad to go with it so I think we're gonna go and make a quick stop at Walmart and do some little mini keto grocery haul so just get back from Walmart so I'm gonna show you our little grocery haul so we've got some mixed spinach with baby kale some spring onions tomatoes cucumber some pork rinds almond flour strawberries some mozzarella fresca some cream cheese some coleslaw there's a very cheap down 50 ground turkey then some smoked gouda some uncured bacon some black first hand some pecans as I want to make some crust cheesecake then I have some sour cream some extra virgin olive oil some string cheese for snacks a couple of avocados and some eggs so I'm gonna prepare the Greek salad now for that I have two cucumbers from one big pepper I have cup of tomatoes black olives some onion and feta cheese so I checked that everything into small pieces and I'm just gonna add some salt pepper and olive oil come here this guy's oh damn I'm gonna go inside and enjoy so dinner was amazing we have plenty of salad left so we're gonna have some leftovers on Monday and now it's just time for a dessert I made this nun bake cheesecake I did wanted to film it for you but the recipe well it was a good recipe but it didn't really end up the way I hoped it will so I just give that I'm gonna leave you a little recipe laying in a description box so if you want to check it out at you can but no video for me this for me I was failure I had to do something wrong but I'm gonna keep trying testing out different cheesecakes and when I find out the one I love that I'm gonna film it for you ginger this is my place that's what mommy said not you this is your troll now well alright Joyce we know who is the king here well I just get yelled at that she is the queen of the castle but my husband but my husband cannot forget that I am the queen so if ginger is the king well there's really not a lot of space for him as it well guys anyway I hope you enjoyed today's video if you did please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow bye you


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Budget Cooking

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