Vegetable Appam In 5 minutes | Quick Appam Recipe | How To Make Mixed Vegetable Appam | वेज अप्पम

Hello Friends welcome to easyfoodmakingcom today we are going to make veg appam which is very easy recipe

along with easy its very tasty and healthy recipe Lets see what ingredients we need [music] to make veg appam we have taken 2 full bowl Idli dosa batter half teaspoon small mustard seed, half teaspoon salt you can take salt as per your taste 2 full table spoon oil, Refined oil you can use any oil we have taken chopped curry leaves 1 medium size capsicum 2 tomato, chopped green coriander leaves 1 carrot, 1 big onion 2 green chilli, if you like more spicier then take more green chilli lets start making first step we will mix all the vegetable in the batter add salt add and mix all the vegetable all the vegetable is mixed well, keep this aside we have heated the pan add half oil add half curry leaves add half small mustard seeds its ready, we will directly add this in batter mix well appam maker is heated we will apply some oil from brush its not necessary because its non stick but to increase the taste we can apply some some small mustard seeds curry leaves its optional because we have already applied in batter by adding this the taste will be little best put the flame medium with the help of spoon put the batter in appam maker one by one we have cooked this for 2 min in medium flame by covering the pan we will check once you can see small bubbles on top, this means its cooked from bottom not we will change to other side with the help to 2 spoon turn to other side its passed 2 min we will check again its ready from other side also if at all you are not sure its cooked or not so you can poke the spoon spoon is clear, so its properly cooked we will takeout the appam, same process to make all appam

veg appam is ready the amount of batter we have taken it is double of this we have taken this much for present its enough for 4 people we have taken 2 chutney green coriander and coconut you can take any chutney or sauce specially you can make this in morning breakfast when you dont have time its quick if you want more fast then cut the vegetable in night keep it in fridge morning you can prepare this Do Like share and subscribe


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