Vegan Lasagne Recipe

– Hey, everyone, it's Barry here Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen

I hope you are well Today, on the screen right now, I'm about to make a vegan lasagna with mushrooms and peppers So you have already seen what it looks like I have no idea, but the ingredient buildup, I'm very excited by it And fingers crossed, it will be gorgeous

We actually need three different pans because we're doing like the homemade vegan white sauce as well, so no butter in that, a little bit of olive oil instead We're making a lovely mushroom mix, and we've got some gluten free pasta sheets I've got all the usual suspects down there, like a pepper, carrots, and that sort of stuff And I'm just gonna slice them up You don't need to see me do that

Let's get all our prep done, but remember the full ingredients and steps are on myvirginkitchencom, so check that out for the full recipe And hopefully, be inspired to give it a go Alright, a little grated carrot mountain I've just finished gratin' my carrot, sliced the pepper, diced my onion

I've got some garlic paste, so a teaspoon of that is equivalent to a chopped garlic clove Really loving this at the moment 'cause it doesn't get my hands all smelly And I've got some chopped mushrooms from the supermarket This is the main body of our lasagna filling We've got three pans

One, I'm gonna fill with water right now (sizzling) And just start to heat really gently because figured I'd go all out and get some wheat-free, gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free, and soy-free lasagna sheets So we obviously wanna soften these up We're gonna get our water simmering, cook the pasta sheets whilst we do our other steps So I'll leave those about there

So into this frying pan, woah, 'bout a teaspoon of olive oil (sizzling) Start to warm it up In go the mushrooms, the peppers, squeeze on that garlic, ah, and push in the chopped onion So I'm gonna leave the carrot for just a moment But what we wanna do is really get the oil around, coatin' all these ingredients, softenin' up and frying these mushrooms, onions, and peppers

If you want, you could full on blister the peppers to char in even more flavour So we'll jump to that being softened up And that's about it right now Don't forget this is the second recent vegan recipe I'm doing It's part of a vegan, vegetarian playlist

Last week, we did those cauliflower buffalo bites, which are called wings It's still sensational, I loved them Such basic ingredients, but it's smelling so good already Gonna add some pepper, (grinding) salt, the grated carrot, (sizzling) whoop, whoop, two tablespoons of tomato puree, some mixed herbs, about a teaspoon of that This is some passata, sort of like flavoured chopped tomatoes, or a tin of chopped tomatoes is fine

Really, really ramming flavouring now And then a crumble on of vegetable stock cube And what I've done just to help it simmer, is half filled the tub of chopped tomatoes, or passata, with cold water from the tap, okay? Just a little bit like that And for one last bit of zing, just a touch of the vinegar That's balsamic vinegar

So now, all I'm doing is stirring all those colours and flavours and smells together This smells so good Just shove the pasta sheets in there like that, and you've got a decent dinner anyway now We're just gonna let this simmer down for a minute You can see it there

Keep it on a nice gentle heat Alright, I'm actually bringing this one forward so you can see it a bit better, but that is just simmering down, smelling, I can't explain it, I want smellavision, smell So we've got these lasagna sheets Some people don't actually cook, pre-cook, their lasagna sheets in a lasagna You can get away with that

But I just think this helps with the texture So there they are, and in they go If you wanna get a really good thicken on the sauce, I mean you can keep simmering it down if you want, but one way to accelerate that and guarantee it a little bit more, is to make a slurry like we've made recently So this is two tablespoons of water, and this is one tablespoon of corn flour, AKA corn starch Whoop

(laughs) Just give that a little mix together And I had this in the Chinese takeaway playlist if you remember So it feels a bit chalky at first, but then you get this sort of like, I don't know, like white lake? There we go And if we just really make sure we mix that through, that will help thicken the sauce Excuse the mess, I wasn't really expecting visitors, but our sauce is lovely and cooked through and simmered down

I've taken it off the heat Our pasta is cooked through, again, off the heat The good thing about this recipe is you can do it in steps The last thing, what I'm gonna do, the white sauce, the vegan white sauce, you can actually do that first if you want 'cause we're all gonna warm it together anyway Now in the supermarket, I did find a jar of vegan white sauce, but I figured some of you guys might be like, well I can't get that

So we're gonna do it our own, rather using butter, we're gonna use olive oil and soy milk Okay, so into this pan, we got one, two, three tablespoons of olive oil (sizzling) So, we're gonna put that on a medium flame So this is normally where you'd be like melting butter up We're just about to add our flour in

So rather than the process of melting the butter, we're just gonna get the oil slightly warmed So in goes one, two tablespoons of flour You need to stir it, to cook that flour through, just like you would with the butter Now it will pop a little like it did then, and hence, why I'm using such a big pan But just wanna keep stirring through for a minute

(hums) Getting any lumps out that we can in the flour We'll be sieve it in if you really wanted to go crazy So make sure you keep stirring for a minute or so, 'cause if you don't, it will burn to the bottom of the pan, and we don't want that But be careful because obviously it is primarily hot oil I'm gonna quickly add a little bit of pepper

(humming) And now this is some soy milk So you just wanna add this in now (humming) 500 mils of that So what I'm gonna do is turn the heat back up to medium and keep stirring this until we get a simmer on Wow, I've never had soy milk before

This is unsweetened one The sweetened one obviously might be a little bit too over the top And also, I didn't really wanna put almond or hazelnut milk in it But, yeah, that'll do Alright, so this is just starting to simmer

This is good, but we're gonna keep it simmering for about five minutes The most important thing is to keep it stirring You do not want any of that flour sticking to the bottom of your pan And it might look a little thin like this at the moment, but after simmering it, and then when it cools down, it'll actually thicken up So, whereas with like a normal white sauce, you'll see it, this one will be a bit more of a, oo, that thickened up once it cooled, nice

Alright, so this is a baking dish We're gonna build the lasagna in, so the sheets are ready, the filling's ready, and our sauce, I've just passed it through a sieve, into a jug, and it's just cooling to room temperature First up, we're gonna do a little layer, of our mushroom mix Forget that last scene I went to spoon it in, and that was way not enough ingredients for the base bit

It would've been a teeny lasagna So I've doubled it up Luckily, I had all of that But don't worry, I'll amend the recipe, so you've got enough Oh, and of course, one other thing we're gonna add to it is the block of vegan cheese, which we're gonna grate on there

Whoo Alright, let's try that again So, we're gonna go for like three layers So we'll get the sauce down like so Then stick my pasta on top, which is actually cooled down quite a bit now

So it's a teeny bit rigid again But yeah, quite like that There's the white sauce So I'm just gonna spread a thin layer on like that I feel like I wanna put pasta there as well

Alright (humming) There we go So, what I'll do is grate some of that vegan cheese into that sauce (humming) Oh, yes And then, we just repeat

As I say, I'm probably gonna go for three layers More pasta, oh Sauce, cheese, and repeat Bit of pepper on top, and that last bit of cheese Tell you what, this is looking very, very appetising

My oven is preheated to 200 degrees centigrade So we're gonna bung it in there for around about 20 to 25 minutes Oh my gosh, this thing smells amazing I'm getting out, ooh Whoa, yes

I love how it's like rippled, the top as well (chopping) Ah, taking out a couple of slices now And I'm just really addicted about, oh, look at that Oh, la-la-la-la-lasagna (humming) Alright, here we go, ah (laughs) Breaking into it, getting all the layers

Oh, mm, wow, the flavour is insane It's the texture of the mushrooms and the peppers that really sort of give me that, I mean with a lasagna that sort of meaty replacement I absolutely love it And you've got that sort of little coconut vibe running on from the vegan cheese I kinda like it

No, I don't kinda like it I blummin' love it It's stonkin', so give it a go If you've got any vegan recipes that you want me to try, let me know down below Or I'll come up with my own creation

Don't forget to check out the rest of the recipes on the vegan and veggie playlist Subscribe for regular videos, and follow me on social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs Alright, give this a go Send me your pics Good luck


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