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home remedies for diabetes juices for diabetes these are some juicers to reduce diabetes pomegranate juice it is filled with antioxidant substance that protects yourself from diabetes studies suggest the taking pomegranate juice daily for three months can reduce sugar levels take pomegranate and collect the seeds now take a blender put the pomegranate seeds into it and add some water now blend it well pour the juice into your glass and serve it by taking this juice regularly you can control diabetes orange juice orange juice provides a healthy option for those having diabetes it has a low glycemic index and moderate glycemic load this juice also contains vitamin C that improves blood vessels functions those suffering from diabetes or induce is a good antioxidant that protect your tissues from oxidative damage take in orange and peel it now take the pieces into a blender jar and add some water and blend it well take the juice into your glass orange juice is ready to serve tomato juice drinking tomato juice may improve the cardiovascular health of patients with type 2 diabetes tomato juice improves the blood platelet activity and reduces their risk of developing heart disease unsweetened tomato juice has a low glycemic index taking this juice daily will give effective results wash the tomatoes and cut into pieces take the pieces into your jar and add some water now blend it well pour the juice into your gas tomato juice is ready to serve these juices help us to keep our sugar levels in check low calories spinach soup for diabetes here is a nutrient-dense easy to prepare spinach soup cooking it with low-fat milk gives it a lovely emerald green color which together with the aroma of sorted onions and garlic makes this soup irresistible this Whoopi's especially recommended for all the weight conscious or under batiks the soup has not been strained in order to retain the fiber of the spinach ingredients 3 cups shredded spinach washed undrained 1 TSP oil 1 TSP grated garlic 1/2 cup of chopped onions 1 cup low-fat milk 997% fat-free salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan add the garlic and onions unsought on a medium flame for 1 minute or till the onions turn transparent add the spinach unsought on a medium flame for 2 minutes add one and a half cups of water mix well and bring to boil while stirring once in between cool slightly and blend in a mixture till smooth transfer the mixture into your deep non-stick pan add the milk salt and pepper mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes while stirring occasionally now serve hot this nutrias low-fat low-calorie soup is best if you are trying to lose some of those extra pounds the garlic and onion in the soup acids is decreasing the affective fat deposition in the arthritis spinach is exceptionally low in calories one cup of raw spinach contains only seven calories the fact that spinach contains so few calories is a major benefit to persons with diabetes this is because one of the goals of a healthy diabetes diet is to promote a healthy white spinach is particularly low in carbohydrates containing only 0

8 3 grams per soup the fat that spinach contains so few carbohydrates makes it an excellent choice on a diabetes diet carbohydrate containing foods cause your blood glucose levels to rise this means that you must restrict your carbohydrate intake in order to control your glucose spinach is one of the only foods on a diabetes diet where more is better because spinach contains so few calories and carbohydrates it is almost like a free food this means that you can load up on spinach in order to curb your hunger without zeo paralyzing your diabetes health so include this spinach soup in your diabetic diet to keep your sugar levels in control use for diabetes doctors will often advise their diabetic patients to avoid drinking sugary drinks including fruit juices in recent studies they suggested certain vegetable juices and some fruit juices here are some juices that are advisable for diabetes pomegranate juice pomegranate juice is filled with antioxidant and rich in vitamins and minerals it is beneficial to people suffering from diabetes orange juice orange juice is healthy option for diabetes it contains so many vitamins and minerals that might improve blood vessel function in those who are suffering from diabetes raw potato juice potato juice works tremendously for diabetes it is anti-inflammatory potato juice cleans acidity in the body it lowers cholesterol potato juice controls blood sugar levels and it is beneficial in many ways it is a good detoxifier potato is rich in fiber and carbohydrates it is rich in vitamin C phosphorus magnesium calcium it cleans liver potato controls blood sugar levels now let us start preparation of the potato juice take the juicer and place the potato pieces in it add some water now start blending now take the juice into a glass then keep the juice glass aside for five to ten minutes so that carbohydrates in the juice will settle down later you can consume the juice beetroot juice beetroot is a superfood for lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure and in purifying blood when vegetables are juiced they are ten times more rich in nutrients pedro juice is rich in nitrates it increases stamina beetroot helps in elimination of toxins in the body let's start the preparation of beetroot juice place beetroot pieces into a juicer jar add some water blend well now filter the juice into a glass Metro juice is ready to drink it is a great detoxifier and keeps blood sugar levels income how to cure diabetes naturally top 5 natural cures for diabetes you need to try it alien gooseberry it is also known as armlock it contains vitamin C and promotes proper function on Pancrase take Indian gooseberries remove seeds and cut it into small pieces now put the Amla pieces in a blender and make juice take a glass of water add 1 TSP of Amla juice to it and mix well take this every day early morning in a empty stomach you can also mix Indian gooseberry juice with bitter gourd juice and drink with empty stomach in early morning aloe vera it helps in lowering blood glucose pour water in a pan boil it and add Bailey's and boil it for 5 minutes add 1/2 TSP of turmeric powder and boil again take a glass and filter this water and added aloe vera gel and mix well this combination works a lot to control high glycemic levels goba it is rich in vitamin C and fiber it regulates high blood sugar levels it is best for diabetes but not to eat the pilaf gova so peel it before consuming however too much consumption in a day is not recommended mango leaves mango leaves control diabetes they help in reducing urine and blood sugar levels rapidly it is very effective for pancrase curry leaves curry leaves help in controlling diabetes they are high in anti-diabetic properties you can chew 10 fresh curry leaves in the morning for best results they reduce high cholesterol levels and reduces obesity these are all some of the natural cures for diabetes thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos


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