Tomatoes poppy seed baguettes French pastry recipe #3 地中海風法棍麵包

Hello, guys! Here is Yi We all love French baguettes, so I made my own, but this is a baguette with a twist

I guess you can call it a French man with a Mediterranean flair We will need 500g of wheat flour type 550, 35g of sourdough starter The recipe is on the card above 270-300ml of lukewarm water depends on the flour you use Mix them well with a spatula until combined

Then change it to a mixer with a kneading hook You can also knead it with your hands for a good 5-10 mins We will also need 10g or 1 quarter cube of fresh yeast, which I forgot Keep kneading the dough until it's smooth and sticky Then we can add some Mediterranean elements into our baguette

80g of sun dried tomatoes, minced, 30g of poppy seeds Believe it or that these tiny seeds can really make you high Add them into our kneaded dough Then 1 tbsp of olive oil and 7 g of salt Knead them all together again with a mixer for at least 2-3 mins to a sticky dough

You can then transfer it to a greased bowl I simply left it in my mixing bowl and cover it with a lid or a plastic foil Leave it at a warm place and let it rest for about 1 hour Our dough grew quite a bit after an hour Dust the working surface with a bit of loss flour to prevent it from sticking

Here is how we're going to knead it Press the dough flat roughly with our palm, then fold the edges to the middle with a dough scraper Then press it flat again and fold it to the middle We 're going to repeat this process for a few times By few times I means as many times as possible

Then we can transfer it back into the bowl and cover it again It will take about 30 mins to rest The dough has grown slightly, then we can take it out and knead it the same way again for a few times Then once again let it rest for another 30 mins After that, we can finally start shaping our baguettes

Here is how I do it Transfer our dough to the dusted working surface Cut it in half with a dough scraper roughly This recipe should have a yield of 2 large baguettes Knead it for a couple of times, then roll it into a long oval shape

Fold the top longer edge to the 2/3 and fold the bottom up Shape it evenly, then dust the surface with a bit of loose flour Roll the one end of the dough to the other to form a cylinder shape Then we can just roll it with our hands to a long stick We're pretty much rolling and pulling at the same time until we get the correct shape

Then we can let them rest on a kitchen towel next to each other They might look sad and wrinkly at this stage, but don't worry Cover them with a kitchen towel and rest for about 30mins After 30 mins they will look so smooth and elastic almost like babies' butt cheeks Transfer them carefully to a piece of baking paper without losing the shape

Make a few cuts on the surface Cut them slightly deeper so the pattern will still be visible after baking Prove them with a thin layer of water before giving them into the oven Set the oven at 250 degrees c We're going to bake them on the middle rack

Throw in a few ice cubes to generate steam Bake them for about 15-20 mins After the first 5 mins, turn the oven to 220 degrees c By the end of the baking process We can open the oven door slowly to release the steam

Good baguettes should have a hard crust on the outside and soft on the inside


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