Tom Kha Kai (coconut chicken soup)|Thai Food|Tom Kha Kai recipe|ต้มข่าไก่ยังไงให้อร่อยแซ่บเว่อร์

Sawatdee ka Welcome everybody to Yummy Thai Recipes Today meet me again my name is Pim

Today I want to introduce you to other dish That very popular in Thailand We called Tom Kha Kai or coconut milk with chicken soup (coconut chicken soup) Let's see what we have here For ingredients We will have coconut milk We will add mushroom, water lemon grass,red onion, galangal, kaffir lime

chicken, lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and chili Galangal will look like this, so we will cut it out For chili you can find the fresh chili like this It is not so spicy but you can choose either one that you like for coconut milk I use this brand because it is very good and very yummy I recommend everybody we will boil chicken about 10 minutes if it have bubble , we will take it out and we add kaffir lime and lemon grass to boil about 10 minutes Ok after we boil chicken for 10 minutes We will take chicken out and then we put the broth (from boil chicken) in the pot ready to cook and we will add coconut milk in there and we need to stir all the time to make sure coconut milk not boil and we add kaffir lime, red onion, lemon grass , galangal in there and then we stir we need to stir all the time make sure the coconut milk will not boil so much we boil maybe about 5 minutes ok after we add all ingredients and we boil about 3-5 minutes

we need to stir all the time make sure the coconut milk will not change and then we will add chicken in there and then we will add mushroom chili sugar fish sauce we will use in medium heat for cooking and then we will cook about 3 – 5 minutes and make sure that we stir all the time we add more coconut milk ok we will cook about 5 minutes and then we add lime juice in there we turn off heat while we cooking we will use medium heat all the time and we done


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