Tia Mowry’s 3 Refreshing Mocktail Drink Recipes | Quick Fix

– As you can see I'm expecting So no, no, no, no alcohol for me

But you don't have to be having a baby to enjoy a nice mocktail, maybe you just want to just lay off the alcohol (upbeat music) First up, is my virgin Spicy Watermelon Margarita I love margaritas (laughing) OK, you guys, this is so easy What I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna add some watermelon

I'm just gonna dump my watermelon into this blender I'm not using too many things in this recipe so you wanna make sure that all of your ingredients are nice and fresh So watermelon is in, now I'm gonna add some ice What's a good margarita without some ice? Since we're missing the alcohol in here, I thought I would kind of make this like a little slushy, so I'm adding the ice Give it a little bit of personality here

You can't have a spicy margarita without the jalapeno And if you want to make it even spicier, you can leave the seeds in But I don't have any seeds right here Fresh lime juice and some agave You can add as much or as little agave you want depending on how sweet your watermelon is

Usually when watermelon is in season it's very sweet And of course if it's not, then you can use more agave to make up for the difference (laughing) Alright, so I'm just gonna blend this up Alright, this smells so good And you know if you want some alcohol, you can add tequila to this

Top this off with a chili pepper and a slice of lime And look at how pretty this is Next up is my Blackberry Sparkle And you know how much I love a good sparkle Sparkle baby

I wanna see sparkles all around me, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle (laughing) OK, so in my glass I'm gonna add five leaves of mint I love mint in my drinks It's just so really nice and fresh They smell so good

Mint just makes you feel good all around I'm gonna add five blackberries I'm gonna add some lemon juice And now I'm just gonna muddle away And you know what? You don't need a muddler, you can just use basically the end of this wooden spoon

What I'm doing is, I'm just releasing the oils from the mint and just getting the juices out from the blackberry And it's just so pretty That looks great I'm gonna add some ice Alright, look at how pretty that is

I just love seeing bits of color at the bottom of the glass, it's just so pretty You see the deep purple color from the blackberries and then the green from the mint And now I'm gonna add lemon lime soda This is such a pretty drink already But I'm gonna make it even prettier

I'm gonna add a sprig of mint Add a few blackberries Wow So pretty And you know of course this is a mocktail, but if you wanna have some alcohol you can add some gin to this

It'll work great (singing) One of my favorite drinks during spring would definitely have to be lemonade But I'm gonna take this a little step further and I'm gonna show you guys my quick Basil Lemonade So I'm gonna add a little more personality And it's quick because I am using store bought lemonade

First what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add some basil This basil is just so nice and fresh I love the way basil smells I'm gonna add some sugar What I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna start muddling and the sugar it's abrasive so it helps break down the oils from the basil giving it flavor

I'm gonna add my lemonade, which again is store bought lemonade Then I'm gonna top it off with some soda water I'm gonna gentle stir this Look at that, the way the basil just floats up to the top making it really nice and pretty Now I'm gonna add some ice to my glass and as you can see, I didn't put any ice into my pitcher because it'll water everything down and nobody wants a watered down drink

This looks so beautiful And of course I have to top it off with some more basil Stick you in right there I've learned this from one of my favorite celebrity chef friends to always add a nice herb to your drink because as you're drinking it you're actually getting a whiff or a smell of that nice fresh herb and it just makes you happy (laughing) And then I'm gonna add a slice of lemon

Voila And again this is a mocktail If you want some alcohol, vodka would go great with this So these are my mocktails, perfect for springtime or even if you're just hanging poolside Make sure you guys subscribe

And I'll see you next week Bye


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