Stir Fry Glass Noodle (Pad Woon Sen)|Thai Food|Street Food| ผัดวุ้นเส้นยังไงให้อร่อย

Sawatdee Ka Welcome everybody to Yummy Thai Recipes

Today meet me again My name is Pim Today I want to introduce you to very popular street Thai food other recipe Today we will make stir fry glass noodles That everybody can make it Le'ts see what we have here

the ingredients for stir fry glass noodles or Pad Woon Sen We will use 2 pcs of eggs carrot, yellow onion, green cabbage, glass noodles that already soak in water and cut it out, tomatoes, garlic, vegetable oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and sugar OK we put vegetable oil in the pan in high heat and then we will add garlic the garlic will start to smell really good and waiting until garlic turn to yellow color a little bit OK after our garlic start to smell really good We will add eggs this recipe will use a lot of vegetables and then we add green cabbage we add yellow onion

I think I cut too much and I will not use it all and I add water because I don't want the vegetable burn and we add carrot For carrot you can cut any shape that you like You can see our vegetable start to cook and then we add glass noodles we add sweet soy sauce to make a noodle look good because sweet soy sauce will help noodles to change color you can see that noodles will change color If you don't like you not need to add and then we add soy sauce, oyster sauce the noodles look very good and then we add tomatoes we stir together for a while OK after we stir fry for few minute we will turn off heat Hmmm Aroi Mak

Very delicious What is that ? I don't know Pad Woon Sen yeah it's really popular street Thai food Very aroi very yummy

Let's me see Yes take a look Yeah it look very good Oh my somebody very enjoy it Thank you everybody See me in the next recipe Thank you


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