Quick / Healthy Tuna Fish Sandwich Recipe!!

Add 1 tsp Oil (preferably Olive oil) Add sliced pieces of 2 cloves of Garlic Add 1 finely sliced Green Chilly Add 2 finely chopped Small Onions Fry the mix for 1 min and turn off the stove Take shredded tuna fish in a bowl (either you can use canned tuna or you can prepare like me at home) This can be prepared at home by boiling tuna fish and shredding it, and then seasoning it with pepper, turmeric and salt Add the fried mix to the bowl Add 1/2 tsp salt Add 4 – 5 tsp of Mayonnaise (I am using home made mayonnaise) Add 4 finely chopped mint leaves (optional) (Optional) Add 1 tsp of herbs powder mix – Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano Mix it properly Add a pinch of lemon Add some sliced Lettuce Mix it properly and the Tuna filling for sandwich is ready Take 4 slices of White or Brown bread as per your choice Take a slice and evenly spread the butter Add enough amount Tuna filling (as per your preference Add small slices of Cheese (if you like) Take another slice of bread and evenly spread some butter Place it top of the filling and press it gently 2 Tuna sandwiches ready for toasting You can choose to toast the sandwich using a Toaster, but now I am showing how to toast using a normal pan Spread 1 tsp butter on the hot pan (at medium flame/heat) Place the prepared sandwich on the pan (with the face having the cheese slices facing down) Gently give a press on the top Heat/Toast both sides for 1 min Healthy Tuna Fish Sandwich is ready and I am serving it with Avocado juice!!


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