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Hi Lyle with No Hippie barbecue what I be doing today is going to be some beef short ribs we're going to be doing this and a new product that I picked up on the Amazon I bought the power cooker pressure cooker if this thing's any good link will be in the description anyway it's taken me years to buy pressure cooker I'm one of those people that grew up when they were using those old-school pressure cookers and I didn't see the pressure cooker explode but I did see the aftermath of that pressure cooker explosion and it really kept me from buying a pressure cooker anyway we're gonna keep this recipe super simple this pressure cooker does have a brownie feature on it so we're gonna rub these beef short ribs down with they're a bunch of making jerk chicken burger we're gonna rub it down with we're going to be cooking it with some olive oil to brown it once we get done browning it we're going to go ahead and we're gonna cook our onions and I have some thinly sliced garlic we're going to put in there I have about four cloves of garlic and about three-quarters of a red onion I would have liked to have used white but didn't have weight we're also we using a little bit of brown sugar and another thing I got off of Amazon was this Jamaican jerk marinade from Walker's wood we're gonna be using this and the spice it up a little bit give it a little sweetness boom it was a little bit of dr pepper and I'm gonna be throwing in some of these green onions that we have I cut them kind of in longer strips like that anyway the first thing I need to do is get this pressure cooker plugged in I'm gonna rinse these beef ribs off and I'll see you back for the brownie process this pressure cooker and Brown boat I'm gonna go ahead and throw some hot oil in there pretty generously now we're gonna go ahead and add our beef short ribs to it we're gonna Brown them on all sides until you this thing does put a good skier on it this is only taking about 30 seconds to get get that pretty seared up and that was the bone side so this is probably gonna take me two batches I have another two to cook off the rule pick this back up once I am done browning them all I was able to get all the beef short ribs in there well we're gonna go ahead and remove them now set them aside for a minute and our darling we're gonna let this go for about two minutes now go ahead and hit cancel on this unit and that's gonna turn that off for a second now we're going to go ahead and have our short ribs back in and hit it with our brown sugar our Jamaican Jerk sauce talk about three ounces of Jamaican Jerk sauce and we're going to load it up with this dr

pepper gonna go about 5 ounces on that let's go about 7 ounces of roughly add our onions green onions in now let's get this started I'm using this pressure cooker let's see if the instructions are as easy as it looked anyway we're going to go ahead and get the lid on we're gonna line up our we're gonna line up our got to unlock we're going to swing it over to lock we're gonna hit cook time 30 minutes based on what I've seen let's say 35 so this is done cooking I did increase the cook time on this to 38 minutes now what I'm going to do is we can either let this depressurize on its own or there's a latch in the back that's gonna release the steam so we're going to just go ahead and do that and then once it releases the steam will be able to remove the top because you can't remove the top right now it is released let's go ahead and open it up and see what we're looking like I can't believe this this is cooked this fast unless we're looking like right there you know what that is tender you can see it's pulling away from the bone I'm gonna grab me a little bit of rice plate up we're gonna taste this rice here set this on the race as big as that is one is probably going to be enough we're gonna hit with some of this sauce let's taste so something like beef ribs can be done in under 40 minutes you know I'll be definitely rocking out this crock-pot a little bit more let's kind of get in here and see where it tastes tonight let me try this sauce first with right that sauce is on point you get that Jamaican Jerk kind of a taste of the sweetness from the brown sugar and a little dr pepper this is the winner and you know what I wish I have been using these damn pressure cookers the last sooner because it is unbelievable that you can cook short ribs this fast as a matter of fact I'm thinking that I might I might try a smoked brisket so smoke it for a while and then throw it on the pressure cooker see how that turns out anyway I'm amazed I'd like to thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ I do appreciate it comment subscribe and I'm out Best Beef Short Ribs


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