My First Time – Pressure Cooking | Episode 40

hello hello why aren't I that happy

start the car! hi everybody my name is Alex welcome to my kitchen where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what I'm working with tonight is kale mushrooms leeks celery organic coconut milk taters various spices an onion these this and chicken so naturally I'm gonna be making kind of like a chicken curry kind of thing it's gonna be food that's how I cook yum so first up we're gonna take our onions we're gonna top and tail it fancy fancy words I'm gonna do long slices and the just chop new gadget alert new gadget alert we got a new gadget guys this is called a pressure cooker and it's supposed to cook things really fast so I'm making stew and it says it's only going to take five minutes to cook we'll see about that so I'm gonna get my pot nice and hot I changed my mind about the order of thing I'm gonna start with some grapeseed oil new oil alert new oil alert apparently it's really good for a high temperature frying so cooking things like meat in grapeseed oil is fantastic so I'm gonna do like a generous slosh of that then I'm gonna get my chicken ready gonna get up in here up in here up in here y'all gonna make me act a fool up in here up in here y'all gonna make me lose my cool up in here up in here always wash your hands when working with chicken don't touch stuff stuff gets weird from chicken so it's not my regular salt just kosher whatever that was a heck of a lot of salt pepper I'm gonna come in with some paprika so let me just mix this up a little bit I don't like it when the chicken touches the other things and I like talking in song cuz it makes me feel good sorry about that more salt more paprika okay my grapeseed oil is probably hot so I'm gonna drop my chicken in here and get it brown on each side now I'm just gonna keep on chopping keep on keepin on let's head out out with the leaks a leak is kind of like an onion it's in the onion family or I could be a walrus I'm Alex this is my kitchen the thing about leaks is that they can get pretty dusty on the inside so you want to really like open them up and then rinse them off I'm gonna give these a nice coarse chop cuz I'm so fancy I think there's like a whole market for just singing rap songs like talking rap songs I'm so fancy you already know I'm in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo celery again rinse it off chop it up so we have a lot of green happening here I'm gonna add a little bit color I only have baby carrots so I'm gonna use some baby carrots again cut them into kinda bigger pieces so just flip the chicken over so it can cook on the other and I'm gonna hit my mushrooms haha i hit them so for mushrooms just cut off any big bits of dirt hopefully you're buying organic and then you don't really have to worry about does anyone know anything about the stems of the mushrooms like are you supposed to keep it are you supposed to get rid of them are they good are they bad I have no idea I don't know why I'm taking them off I've just decided that's how I'm rolling today okay so I'm just gonna quarter the mushroom so into big chunks mushrooms are chopped time for the taters and maybe from like the second time ever on my show I'm actually gonna peel these I just feel like it today feels like a peeled potato kind of day oh hey this is why I don't peel potatoes cause it's boring okay let's chop these potatoes up I don't know into like a medium dice we're going rustic here people I just can't believe that potatoes and all this stuff is gonna be cooked in five minutes it it's it's unbelievable un-freakin'-believable i also made up too much because it says like please don't feel above the fill line and I'm gonna take it's advice so I don't blow it up this is probably the first time ever that I actually read the manual to something because I was worried that it was gonna blow me up okay that's all my stuff for the ginger I'm just gonna take the skin off of the outside so I'm gonna chop it word to the wise don't touch your face with ginger hands let's get our little spice mix together while we wait I got some white pepper white pepper is actually pretty powerful don't you don't need a lot of it it's way more powerful than black pepper I'm gonna throw some basil in here generously hit it with some tumeric a little bit more paprika lemongrass is where I get confused do you put the whole thing in like is this gonna or is this gonna be weird AF yeah it's like straight up like eating bark not at all not enjoying that I saw this on TV the other day so I'm gonna try it I got two celeries I gonna line them with these chives so I'm making a chive Sandwich here I'm going to the layer in my lemongrass actually I'll put my lemongrass in the bottom and put my chives on top okay if you know me you know what I feel like I'm doing right now you know what I mean okay so chives on top I'm also gonna put my two dried chilies in here and then I'm gonna close the chili sandwich chili sandwich I'm gonna take my butchers twine I'm gonna tie it off yeah this is probably not an actual technique I saw one person do it on the Internet one time and so obviously I'm trying it and am the experts trust me not working okay guys the chicken is done the chicken is out I'm gonna put all of my oniony products in here so ah I'm just gonna put everything let's just let's just go for it oh I'm at the first fill line all right so everything is in including the ginger I'm gonna add my spice mix I'm gonna add coconut milk should I sautee this for a little bit first what's the rule I don't know you tell me welcome to this corner of my kitchen so we're gonna get everything mixed together we're gonna get the spices going we're gonna get the ginger going we're gonna get the potatoes covered we are mixing it up we need to add the chicken back and also I'm getting dangerously close to that second line Oh hello oh you like it why I dance don't you this is happening let's add our chicken back in and pray to God that we don't hit the second line okay I don't really care if it's mix or not I'm gonna add this guy I'm gonna add this guy this is uh just a little bit of reduced chicken stock I'm gonna add that one more good mix like I just don't get this I don't have the answers but what I do have is life insurance so let's try this the lid goes on this is the pressure gauge it's a very awkward piece that isn't actually attached to anything but it's very important so you put that right on the top here once it heats up that little gauge there is gonna start getting crazy like a wiki wiki Wow the cooking time for like everything it's like four minutes five minutes potatoes or five chicken is four like this is crazy either it's not working or it is working and I'm impatient or it's broken and the pressure is building up to such intense places the whole thing's gonna explode in a minute I'm safe now maybe needs to be hotter get it going let that whole adage of a watched pot never boils a watch pressure cooker never pressurizes I sees some action theres steam coming out of it still no movement on the pressure regulator I'm the regulator I'm a regulate-late I don't want to regulate I want to percolate you gotta start pressure regulating soon pressure cooking is fun using a high heat setting on your stove he's the pressure cooker until the pressure regulator attains a gentle rocking motion there's no rocking in my ocean I don't like this so I thought this was gonna save me time I thought it'd be like five minutes we're done what the fck is happening in there the internet said maybe my heat wasn't hot enough so I turned it up it sounds very pressurized I'm having fun are you guys having fun you think that's a gentle rock or are we a little bit past the gentle rock five four three two one that was anticlimactic turn the heat all the way off carefully lift there are two ways to cool down your pressure cooker and the instructions will tell you which one to do you can either cool it immediately by putting it into a cold water bath or putting it under cold water or you can let the pressure come down naturally which is what this recipe said to do so I'm gonna let that sit for a couple of minutes and then I'm gonna come back so I think this is how we relieve the pressure smells pretty good and open it up everything is very hot I'm gonna take out my flavor bundle throw that away so we got our pressure cooker pot of chicken stew and our pressure cooker chicken stew alright guys that's how you use a pressure cooker I'll probably get better at it as we go but this is my first time so welcome to watching me do my first time live all right let's taste this bad boy it's actually nice and flavorful it's actually really tasty and it's cooked all the way through all the vegetables are nice and soft the chicken is cooked all the way through it's hot as the fires of hell cool I think this was a pressure cooker success thanks for sharing my first time with me here guys if you enjoy pressure cooking with me be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe alright guys now it's your turn do you like pressure cooking and what's your favorite pressure cooker recipe recipe let me know in the comments down below I'm gonna try all the recipes because I work out this bad boy thank you so much for watching and being here be sure to like comment and subscribe we'll see you next time this is actually surprisingly good I'm surprised that it's good man we did good all right I'm gonna go burn my face off while I shovel this in see you next time


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