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(MUSIC) Good morning everyone and welcome to the Balancing Act

We are having a good time this morning I'm Julie Moran And I'm Olga Villaverde Alright, do you have a life insurnace policy? Yes I do, too

Tough subject here You really should especially we women, and now is the time to get it We're going to tell you why Coming up All the details

Plus, we're in the kitchen with Chef Ralph Pagano We love this guy Love him! For this new Quick Bytes segment And today he's got juicing tips for us Oooh

It's a juicy morning (laughter) The Balancing Act starts right now

(MUSIC) I want you to visualize some scenarios You're married with children and suddenly lose your significant other along with your financial stability You're single with no children Something happens to you

Who pays your debt? Or, you're part of the growing number of single parent families made up mostly of single moms, and as primary breadwinner and caretaker If something happens to you, who takes care of your family? Sobering questions but a necessary discussion Our guests are experts at helping women protect their families' financial futures We're talking financial peace of mind, which really is at the top of women's minds today Meet Joy Collins and Diane Bedore of Woman's Life Insurance Society

Welcome to the show Thank you Joy, let me start with you When we think about that future – and let's be honest, death – we're not really keeping that in the back of our minds, if you will, but we should, right? Definitely When you think of that future, it can happen over a period of time, or it could happen very suddenly

One way to plan for protecting your family financially is through life insurance Remember we plan for events all the time Birthdays, weddings, vacations, and they're over with with the blink of an eye This particular event could last another lifetime Diane? In fact, having life insurance, if a tragedy strikes, can allow you to maintain your current home and your lifestyle

Joy, I have to admit When I was single, I thought I was just omnipotent and I had the world in my hands And I thought life insurance was more for people who were married Not for me Not the case? No, it's not

Life insurance is a financial tool that will work for most ages and most stages of your life For instance, when you're young and you're healthy, you can purchase life insurance and it protects your future insurability, and you take advantage of those lower premium rates Diane, what about Stay-at-home Moms? Important there, too? Oh, absolutely Think of all the responsibilities on the shoulders of Stay-at-home Moms They're like a CEO of the household

The Stay-at-home Parents contribute a huge financial amount to that family Valued at over $118,000 per year Wow A lot of people think, "Well, I have life insurance through my job So, that should be good enough

" When you have benefits through your employer, they can change in ways that you have no control When you voluntarily leave your position or you get terminated from your job, you could lose that group coverage and those group rates But by owning your own life insurance, you have portability, you have more options, and most importantly you have the continuous coverage Now, Diane, I'm sure a lot of people would say, "I'd love to have to it, but times are tough, I'm counting every penny, I can't make the mortgage I can't afford it

" I hear that all the time Yes, many people do overestimate the cost But there's different types of insurance, and that would make a difference in your rate And it's based on age and health So, that younger you are and healthier you are, the more likely your rate will be lower

You absolutely need it from the cradle to the grave This is one product everyone will use Joy, what should one keep in mind when purchasing life insurance? You need to sit down and talk with someone and decide how much to purchase But ask yourself this, what will be the financial impact on my family if something would happen to me? So, think of these three factors: your current expenses, your future expenses, and final expenses that you may have Diane, I was reading here that your organization, Woman's Life Insurance Society, it has a program to give back

Can you share what that is? Woman's Life was founded in 1892 as a non-profit membership organization So, it gave women the opportunity to come together to give back right in their own communities So, the local members form chapters, and we call them "Girlfriends Clubs", and they have so much fun They build on their friendships and do community outreach together So, it's these active members that determine who's going to benefit from our corporate giving

In fact, in the past five years, Woman's Life has contributed more than 4 million dollars to needy individuals and organizations And I'm sure the organization was founded by a woman? Absolutely Very important to note that Of course! Diane, for our viewers out there who would like information on life insurance and your organization, what is the website they can look at? That would be WomansLifeorg

That's W-O-M-A-N-S One woman at a time One woman at a time And thank you so much And really, it's peace of mind

It is Absolutely Thank you for the information And of course for more information on how you can help your family get financial peace of mind, visit the organization's website WomansLifeorg or look at our website, TheBalancingAct

com (MUSIC) (MUSIC) I love juicing That's right, I said it

Keeps my energy level high It keeps my brain smart It keeps my eyes clear I start every day with a fresh juice, and so should you, too Stay tuned for this episode of Quick Bytes, and I'm going to show you the way

(MUSIC) Today, we're going to make one of my favorite drinks using a Champion Juicer, which by the way is the only juicer I use in my restaurants and in my home It allows you to juice everything from hard root vegetables to fresh fruit to greens and even grasses A lot of juicers on the marker are called centrifugal juicers That's a high speed spin that grinds the food

But the Champion is a true masticating juicer Let me break that down for you It's the only juicer that actually cuts and chews the produce, which means more juice Plus, the process allows you to retain more nutrients, vitamins, and of course flavor Now the drink I'm going to prepare for you is carrot and ginger juice

Are you ready? This is how easy it is Turn the machine on There's two speeds There's fast and slow We're going to start it on slow

We're going to take a beautiful carrot No need to peel it No need to fool around with anything You've got a hopper to keep everything tight You just push the carrot right in, and the Champion Juicer does all the work

I got this to push it down And you'll see, it kicks off the fibers to the right and the juice comes right through here Take a piece of this ginger No need to even peel it I just slice it a little bit, so the blade can do its work

Ginger goes in Flavor comes out And deliciousness happens But this is Quick Bytes It's not only about juicing

It's what you do with the juice Alright, so now when the carrot juice gets hot, you add this cornstarch and carrot juice mixture to it It becomes a velvety, silky smooth sauce right over the top of our vegetables and our ramen noodles Are you ready for this? This is how quick dinner is tonight Boom goes the dynamite

If you're feeling fancy, a little bit of cashew nuts and that's how simple it is That is carrot and ginger juice for dinner For recipes and to learn more about juicing, go to ChampionJuicercom or visit our website, TheBalancingActcom

So, until next time, I'm going to enjoy some of my carrot and ginger ramen noodle Remember, this was a quick byte, but chew slowly Damn, that's good! (MUSIC) (MUSIC) The world of direct selling has created amazing opportunities for people looking to become their own bosses

In fact, direct selling accounts for over 30 billion dollars in retail sales each year But how can you take advantage of this trend? Well, let's ask my next guest, Andrea Urista, an Independent Consultor for Jafra USA and Jafra President Paulo Moledo Welcome It's so great to have you on the set Thank you

You know, and I think there's some misconceptions right off the bat about direct selling Paulo, what do you want women to know about this field? They need to know that direct selling is a real opportunity for women You know, it really empowers women, and just like anything in life, direct selling has evolved It's not the old door-to-door anymore Now, companies like Jafra that have been around for 58 years in 17 countries, we give you the fun, the excitement, the nice environment of direct selling

But we have added technology and science to it So your opportunity is real That's fantastic Andrea, I want to turn to you Online tools have really changed in the way you can support your customers

What's the biggest change, you think, in the industry? Definitely social selling Mm-Hmm I feel like it offers a bigger potential to my business because I can find and reach my clients anywhere That's so important What are some of the positive experience you've had with Jafra? Oh, well Jafra is amazing

I have been on fabulous trips I drive my Mercedes that I earned I know amazing people And of course one of the most important things is that I'm making more money than I did before with my Master's degree With your Master's degree? You're making more money with Jafra? Now

Oh my gosh! And you're able to be with your kids, too We were talking about that earlier, right? I mean, this allows you to be both? Yes, I have four children And I wanted to be involved in their lives That's why I left my job, and I joined Jafra And now I feel complete because I have my business, but I can say proudly that I'm in all their special moments

Mom is just there when they need me That is so important, and there are so many direct selling companies out there What sets Jafra apart? Well, many things, Julie First of all the product We have been around for so many years, and the products really work

We have great technology in these ones Second one, we have incorporated technology As Andrea said, we took the word-of-mouth to a whole new level Now you have your own store, own facebook, 24/7, and the potential is unlimited And now she drives a Mercedes

And so many other people are doing the same thing So, Jafra is really at the top of technology when it comes to direct selling Andrea, in additional to having fun, why did you choose Jafra as your business? Why wouldn't I? The level of support they have is amazing I can call the President of the company any time And she does, Julie

Anytime Jafra is really my business partner I can count on them all the time And aside to you, I have four children, and I just wanted to be present for them, but also I didn't want to lose my income Yeah

And Jafra was the best opportunity I could find It's the best decision I've ever made That's so fantastic What advice would you give women wanting to be entrepreneurs? Don't be afraid Just take the chance and enjoy what you do

Pick something that you are passionate about For me, it was my love for Jafra products and the desire to be a mom Thank you both for coming in A great story, great experience, great opportunities for women Absolutely

And Julie, one last thing I learned from a great person in direct selling, Andrea Young, that a person should follow her compass and not the clock And at Jafra, we really respect that We have thousands of independent consultants that have been with us for an average of 26 years Wow

And that's only possible because they are really making money They are really having fun And great products Absolutely That work

That work Great to have you both today It's really exciting that women can do this for themselves and their family Absolutely Alright

To find out more about Jafra log on to JoinJafracom and be sure to visit us at TheBalancingActcom You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (MUSIC)

(MUSIC) There's nothing cuter than little ones, or learning you're about to become a mother, unless of course you're unable to conceive, and each time you see a baby your heart saddens Infertility can be devastating In fact, one couple in 7 struggles to get pregnant, but there is hope Dr

Juliet Skinner, medical director at the Barbados Fertility Center joins me this morning to discuss Good morning, Doctor Good morning, Olga Thank you for being here Thank you

Doctor, let's talk about that, you know, people get married and they want to have a child, they can't conceive It's painful, frustrating I could probably think of so many words of that anxiety that's going through them Infertility is a devastating medical condition Let's face it, many people spend years actually trying NOT to become pregnant

Right, they're avoiding it They're avoiding it, and suddenly, the goal becomes a baby and a pregnancy, and this is not happening So, huge frustrations build up I think they wonder, "Well, how long does it take to conceive?" Well, most couples are going to achieve a pregnancy within six months The medical definition uses a timeline of a year before it's then appropriate to begin medical assessment and treatment, unless of course the lady is older than 35, then in that case the advice is altered, to being more than six months, we should certainly investigate and treat those patients, because the success rates will decrease as a lady gets older

And doctor, I know there's many factors as to why someone can't conceive What are they? Is it stress? Environment? Their body? What? Yeah, I mean, there's many factors that can perhaps be a problem I mean, I think one of the first steps we would take is to review the couple's history, anything from their background For the lady, is her menstrual cycle regular? Has she had any previous gynecological problems? That initial history will allow us to perhaps establish some pointers of where we will turn to The next step would then be to evaluate and do what's called a primary fertility screen, which would include a test of ovulation, test the tubal patency and a semen analysis

If the lady is over 32, we're usually also going to do an ovarian reserve assessment, because yes, a woman is born with all of her eggs We don't make them new And as we get older, the number and quality of those eggs will decline That's a huge factor and it's also a huge factor as to why is infertility now m ore common than it was in our grannies era? Because everybody, or most people, are having children later Correct

So, for someone out there who says "Well, I have to look for that center" what should they look for? Well, I think choosing the right clinic is a huge decision I mean, ultimately, obviously success rate is extremely important But, unfortunately, IVF treatment is extremely costly, and particularly here in the US And, I don't think it's covered by insurance No, in most states it's not covered by insurance

It's very much something someone pays for out of their own pocket Let's bring in Barbados Center A lot of people are going there Why are they going to that location? Well, the first thing, I think is when we set Barbados Fertility Center up, it was set up with a vision, which was that you know, one of the most important thing has to be key that you are individualizing care That it's not a conveyor belt

That each couple is different Is infertility stressful? Yes But, I think we have to think beyond the basic science Science can push things so far, but we've got to take that holistic approach Let's face it, surely if we can combine IVF treatment, along side the fact that the patient is also in a relaxed holiday setting, that's got to have a positive impact

It's got to improve things So, you know, I think Barbados as a destination, is very established as a tourism product You know, we have twice daily flights from Miami and New York We have a wonderful group of hotels and accommodations, fantastic restaurants, and attractions for people to entertain themselves At Barbados Fertility Center, we have a designated staff member, who is there to help make that journey easier if need be

I think that, as a center, we have a full compliment of a wonderful team of people One of those people, Dr Roberta Corona joined us last year, and I think very very importantly, we all have to have the same vision That vision has to be that a 1% improvement in a success rate is a baby for someone We must not lose sight of what we do

And what you do is so special, and I have to an email from a couple who sent us their thoughts on what happened with them, and this is what they wrote, and I'd like to share that with our viewers They wrote "Last year, today, my dreams came true and I gave birth to my son This past year was the brightest and the happiest year of my life Any time I hold my baby, I keep telling myself this is nothing but a miracle" How fabulous

Yeah It is an unbelievably special feeling to do what we do You know, I think when a patient comes in to show you their baby, proudly, at the end of delivery, or perhaps sends those early photographs and we get that call, we've had calls from patients when the husband's calling, she's just delivered He's bawling crying, to let you know, and you're one of the first people that they ring Okay? And I think what it does, it really grounds us

I think it makes us remember why it is that we do what we do For our viewers out there that would like information on Barbados Center, what's the website? BarbadosFertilitycom BarbadosFertilitycom Thank you doctor, for what you do If you'd like to learn more, log on to our website, TheBalancingAct

com You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (MUSIC) This is the show all about you and your space Your home and surroundings

we're Designing Spaces We take on DIY projects, get creative with interior design and get with the pros on remodeling and home improvement I can see myself living here I really can

Designing Spaces Thursdays and Fridays from 7:00 to 7:30 AM on Lifetime Television (MUSIC) Thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us today Always more information on our website

Check it out, TheBalancingActcom We're also on Facebook and Twitter, and until next time Now, Olga has a hard time with us, but remember, what do we do Olga? We're trying to find our balance Find your balance So long, everybody I'm working on it (Laughter)

Trying (MUSIC)


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