Incredibly Easy PAD THAI 🍜Delish Noodle Series

Pad Thai – one of the most famous noodles all around the world It's about On par with spaghetti, at least for me Today we make a good dish For those who are as busy as you I thought a lot that I really miss 30 day series

And now it is March Unbelievable I think I'll do it a new series This month I will do a series All about noodles I will try as often as possible

I'll do it self-pick-up style, please wait until the end so you can choose the next dish If you like noodles and want to see more Good food, remember to keep track and like this video if you like thai pad We will start make this dish To make Pad Thai, you need a special noodle Rice noodles, Pad Thai aka Pad Thai like noodle soup I varied a bit to better health By using brown rice noodles I buy at Whole Foods and it looks like this If you want to use ordinary white rice it's all right To prepare the noodles I will put it on A tray like this Lay them out Next, pour boiling water Just cooked and soaked in about 10p We are softening the noodles to The cooking will be perfect Leave it to the side until it softens Just enough to pick it out and drain The noodles are softened This is the texture that I expected Ripe and soft and still a bit tough when ripe Finish the noodles, now prepare the sauce Of course you can buy ready made Feet in pregnancy, but there is something really fun to do make a fever Moreover, I was available most All the ingredients are here so why not? First start with a special material that is tamarind sauce Meal is bring back the noodles taste sweet and sour I bought it in Whole Food but you can find it At any existing grocery store in the spices of Asia Let me show you It has a very thick texture similar to molasses It is used in many Vietnamese and Asian dishes If you do not want this type of sauce or do not want Use a jar like this can be replaced with the same amount of lemon juice and sugar Here I give 1 tablespoon put in the bowl I like the Pad Thai noodles are sour If you do not like to eat too much Reduce, use about 2 teaspoons of coffee 3 tablespoons fish sauce 3 tablespoons brown sugar If you want to do more then be sure The amount of fish sauce and sugar should be right Finally to create the balance then 1/4 cup water, you can replace with Chicken broth to add flavor

Stirred Mixing mix I just mixed up when Tam and melt water into liquid mixture Try a little to see just It sour but I like it Should be adjusted according to the taste Sweet, salty, sour All flavors are usually found in Thai dishes and Pad Thai noodles The sauce is finished I will put aside Now cook Pad Thai To make this dish needs quite big fire Today I use this mini gas stove It's very good, along with that pan Put it on Let it be hot I took all the ingredients out A funny story about this pan When I just bought it and just cooked watching video youtube They told me to put it in and keep going When it is smoking, you can prevent it But it creates a fire Almost as I have created a small fire I live in my apartment and I have to use it fire extinguisher for the first time I was very panic and took the cookie tray immediately above the fire and use all fire extinguishers Do not try it at your house The best way to prevent sticking is in the oven coated with thin layer of oil Cover the foil and place in the oven it's done I see that is the safest way Do not do it while smoking and cause fires indoor

It is scary Anyway, I have everything here I will I will guide step by step because it is very fast stay in his very hot pan Put some oil Take enough to cover the bottom of the pan Because you do not want chicken or something sticky I put a piece of chicken cut pieces Add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce Island for a few minutes until it's ripe Remove half of the chopped onion 2 cloves garlic Stir it About 2p until the aromatic aroma Put tofu I have a half cut bean mold Stir 1p more Then put the noodles in with mixture of fever Keep stirring Mix everything up so that it does not stick When you look at the noodles, it looks ripe You will find it a bit sticky It is time to put the remaining ingredients in I have 2 cups of bean sprouts 2 stalks of cut green onion Mix again Finally make a hole in the middle Put eggs, I use 2 fruit Put on the "well", mix well all up That's it It's easy enough If you like Do not know what to do for dinner All here is only about 15p, really Now comes the presentation Pad Thai is done and like this is done 3-4 people should eat Perfect for a family meal 1 pot Okay, now I'm going to quit Pad Thai noodles, this is lunch time I'm pretty hungry so I'll get a bit more Remove onion for extra color Chicken and tofu are good at the bottom When you are done, remember to take them out again Usually this is something you will eat and you like Sprinkle a little more peanuts I want to add more hot chili sauce Remove one side of lemon Finally decorate it with a little If there are basil, then the more wonderful Pad Thai is complete This is not the traditional way they do this They usually give up radish and other materials But I want to make it easy with everybody The things I buy here is in Whole Food but you can buy in any store

It looks so attractive and quite nice Begin try it Squeeze the lemon Remember that I like sour dishes Mix with peanuts and chilli sauce Get chicken pieces again Oh god it's so delicious Pad Thai is one of the most boring dishes in the world afraid to do at home because of this big pan and have to do it fast but as you can see As I do today it is very easy and just a few steps to Make this delicious dish I hope you like this dish like me Tomorrow we will exercise with Emeline I want to know how you like the series If you find it useful If you think you should make more sports videos with Emeline Next week I still do not know which day You can choose your own dishes The next noodle I want you to choose Beef Chow Mein (Chinese noodles) or fried shrimp Both are delicious I have not decided what to do I want you to vote Comments below Let me know you eat Pad Thai ever

This formula Can be converted into a vegetarian version If you do not want to use fish sauce can substitute with coconut milk or soy sauce Not the original formula but still Thanks for watching Hope you feel excited with series noodles in March like me See you next video nhé If you want to watch video noodles I have before This is my kimchi noodles Black soy sauce and peanut butter I also have a fast pho video! – Sub by HNAT-


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