How To Make Vegan GF Pad Thai

Hey guys, it's Denai Johnson from hella well and this week we are going to make the most delicious the most succulent Pad Thai so this is definitely a favorite in our household We this pretty much every week, so I'm very excited to show it and share it with you guys today So what you're gonna need for today's recipe we are gonna start with our produce So you're gonna want to get some garlic you are gonna want to get one fresh lime you're gonna want to get some Zucchini to medium to large-sized zucchinis would be ideal I could only find miniature ones So I'm going with four zucchinis today two large carrots three pieces of green onion We're gonna rock some tofu today This is a organic locally made tofu here in Vancouver, BC, Canada I'm so excited to share this with you guys I was introduced to these noodles recently They're called miracle noodles, and they're Shirataki pasta these noodles you guys have zero calories in them That's right

I said zero calories They are soy free They're gluten free They are vegan so like what the heck are these right well apparently according to the package They're made from the root of a plant called the Connie Yaku emo I probably butchering that name But all you need to know is it's from the fiber of a plant

There's zero calories They're gluten free They're vegan Amazing miracle noodles, so we're gonna use that today You're gonna need some almond butter that is going to be for our sauce so get yourself some almond butter You're gonna need some soy, sauce if you are a weak or gluten intolerant You can use the Bragg's Liquid aminos soy, sauce this is what I use and then you're gonna need some almonds Almonds and that's it Let's get started, so we're gonna start by prepping our produce so your want to cut your carrots and your zucchini into matchsticks just starting by Chopping off the ends of all the produce the stuff that we're not going to use that's gonna go in the garbage Or the compost all right, let's get chopping Hmm I forgot I want to peel my carrots, I do not like carrot skins So what I like to do with the vegetables when I'm cutting them into matchsticks is to cut each vegetable into about thirds So that way you don't have like massive matchstick chunks, so I cut them into thirds and then I Cut them just in half you don't have to be a perfectionist with this like they don't have to be perfect little Matchsticks, but basically add them so that they look about like that So you're just gonna want to do that with all your produce, I'll show you guys the same thing I'm gonna do the same thing with the zucchini so with the zucchini I'll probably cut them into half pieces because the zucchini is a little bit shorter mm-hmm Vegetables same thing with the zucchini you're cutting them into pieces like this Yummy alright so now you guys are gonna do that with all your produce Just chop them up into matchsticks So after you have matchsticks all of your carrots and zucchini you want to make them cut up into about the same size So that they cook evenly we're gonna chop up our basil Don't you guys love the smell of fresh basil? Okay So basically you're just gonna want to rip off the leaves you do not want the stems and you're just gonna chop lightly chop the basil as well as you guys can see I'm not like a expert with my knife skills As long as you cut it into smaller pieces That's good enough

We've got our basil minced up now We're also going to do the same with our almonds, so you've got half a couple of almonds and just go to town The almonds are going to be the garnish on top of your pad Thai so I suppose you could just buy slivered almonds That would probably be easier than you would not have to chop them But I was not smart enough to think of that so I'm chopping mine Okay, now We're gonna Chop up our tofu get your tofu Do not cut off your finger Careful, okay, so now we're just gonna chop and cube our tofu that tofu dough All right, so we've got all of our veggies prepped our almonds chopped our tofu chopped everything is good to go I'm gonna put this off to the side and now we were going to make as the sauce you're going to make us a sauce for the Pack time all right for our sauce we're gonna need a little bit of boiling water So I'm just gonna put some in my pot in my kettle so while that is boiling I'm gonna start getting my almond butter Open so this sauce the base is almond butter one cup of almond butter in the bowl our water is boiling So now we're gonna add 1/2 a cup of hot water to the mixture You guys just see that I tried to put the cup Back on the kettle thing Denai's not completely with it today We're now gonna put in 4 tablespoons of our soy sauce or soy sauce alternative to 3/4 And last but not least all we need is some garlic baby, so I'm putting in 3 cloves of minced garlic Anybody else out there love garlic as much as I do comment in the comments below if you are a garlic fiend Sure you have dragon breath and nobody ever wants to come near you or kiss you But I mean it's worth it right guys all right after you've got all your ingredients in your bowl You're just gonna whisk it it has come to my attention I don't own a whisk so I'm using a fork that will work as well Just mix it up until it's all mixed together Okay, so now we're going to drain our noodles So just open the package So just rinse them really well in warm water Okay, so after you rinsed and strained the noodles the little nudies

I just put them on the cutting board They're very long noodles like look how long these are Never-ending noodles, I like to take my knife and just make a couple like three or four chops Across just to cut them down a little bit all right, so we've got our noodles chopped We've got everything prepped you guys we were ready to go So I'm gonna the camera around and we're gonna put it all together on the stove So you're going to want to put a pen on high? One teaspoon of oil in the pan now we're gonna take our tofu Throw it in the pan and just saute it up So this is pretty much How I like my tofu to look if you were to observe all sides are browned our crispy Brown on all sides if you guys want more detailed look of how I cook my tofu my last week's video on how to make vegan green curry I Did a little bit more of a detailed look in that video? So I will include the link we're now going to start frying our veggies once again put your pen on high heat We're going to use half a tablespoon of oil and you're gonna add the carrots and the zucchini to your pan all right now You're gonna saute this on medium heat for 5 minutes After 5 minutes of cooking you are going to add half of the chopped green onion You could put it in a bowl So you don't look like a fool like me just standing with it in your hands like this But I didn't have another clean Bowl so add Half the green onion, and you're gonna want to stir it and cook for another 5 minutes throw the 5 minutes You're just gonna want to stir Flip the veggies After that 5 minutes is up you can make sure your veggies are cooked to your liking Then we're just gonna combine everything so on your tofu Throw in your noodles The fresh basil and last but not least the best part the sauce I am slightly tempted to lick this bowl Don't watch So good, what do you want for me? I have no self-control Alright, so after you've combined all your ingredients in the frying pan plate it top it with some of the green onion some of the chopped almonds and then squeeze on a little bit of lime juice There you go guys this week's recipe a vegan gluten-free Pad Thai I don't know about you guys But I've tried to make a lot of different vegan pad ties and most of them do not turn out very good This one by far is my favorite So I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do if you like this video if you found it helpful Please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see new videos I do put out new plant-based recipes every week hit the subscribe button down below And you will be notified every week when those videos come out Thanks for watching guys You


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