How To Make Tzatziki (Τζατζίκι )Greek Garlic Yogurt Sauce || Le Gourmet TV Recipes

This is the story of an amazing lunchtime sandwich Wait wait hold up hold up this is actually the story of the tzatziki sauce that inspired the incredible lunchtime sandwich

This sauce is incredibly easy to make, you start out by grating a cucumber into a colander over a bowl You can peel the cucumber if you want Once you've got it shredded sprinkle some salt over top and give it a mix and then set that aside while you make the rest of the sauce Now throw some garlic cloves into a mortar and pestle with coriander seed and crush that up until you get a fine paste Then transfer that paste into a bowl that has the yogurt in it already

Of course you should use Greek yogurt, I'm using a Balkan yogurt and you know if you really want to argue about it Greece is part of the Balkans Kind of Now you want to chop up some fresh mint and fresh dill

Once you've got that minced throw it into the bowl with the yogurt Now pour in a little bit of red wine vinegar and some olive oil Add the cucumber, just give that a stir and that's pretty much it This sauce is best if you cover it and put it in the fridge for a day or two, let all of those flavours come together Then it's great on on this incredible sandwich that I had for lunch today

You can check out that pork belly sandwich a video on our Channel


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