how to make pad thai sauce easy 5 min|pad thai sauce|Thai food|street food|สูตรผัดไทยแชมป์โลก|ผัดไทย

Hello everybody welcome to Yummy Thai Recipes today I want to introduce everybody to Pad Thai Sauce we will make Pad Thai Sauce today Pad Thai is very popular in U

SA or Thailand or around the world we will do Pad Thai Sauce that very easy and simple we start with water , tamarind sauce, palm sugar, salt palm sugar will look like this you can find in Asian Market and for tamarind sauce, we use this one It similar like this you can see it is tamarind Ok we will add water in the cooking pot and water start to boil, we will add tamarind sauce, salt, palm sugar and then we will cook in high heat

we stir until palm sugar start to melt we will cook about 5 minutes we stir all the time ok after palm sugar all dissolve , we boil for 5 minutes and now we will get the Pad Thai sauce that ready to use good Pad Thai sauce we have three flavor: sour, salty and sweet


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