How to make khanom krok ( Kanom krok ขนมครก) Thai Coconut Pancakes Recipe.Thai Dessert #ThaiKitchen

Hi guys, how are you doing? This is Malinee for Malinee Satit channel today We're gonna make one of my favorite Thai dessert Kanom Krok this dessert bring back my childhood memories If you are interested Please keep watching

Kanom Krok has two parts, the base and the filling we're gonna start with the base use rice flour 150 gram use cooked rice 150 grams as well Add 3 cups of lime water or water And six tablespoons of glutenous rice flour add 150 grams of dry coconut Add 150 CC of coconut milk Add 90 grams of palm sugar and a teaspoon of salt Add three teaspoons of coconut oil Then we are going to blend them together after that we're gonna make the filling Start with 300 CC of coconut milk Add 3 tablespoon of sugar or any substitute Add a teaspoon of salt Add 3 tablespoon of rice flour and stir them together Now we get all the ingredients that we need let's cook it I gonna use my barbecue grill because my gas stove is not wide enough or big enough Use medium heat and apply a thin layers of coconut oil Once the pan is hot

We're gonna start filling in the main part or the base We will fill 80% of the holes with the base We will immediately filled the list of the holes with the second ingredient Lastly we will put topping on top of it Today I use green onion Then close the lid and bake it for about five to eight minutes or until the edge is golden brown Use a thin piece of metal to take it out start from the edge of Kannom Krok If the pan is seasoned well, it will come out easily The key to cook it is to use low heat The heat pattern that we get from Barbecue grill is like the heat that we get from the charcoal stove don't use gas stove that the flame is touching with the pan directly


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