How to cook Thai food with the basic Thai ingredients and Thai sauces 泰國菜醬料(中文字幕) ซอสอาหารไทย

hi guys welcome to What the food So today, we're going to talk about the basic Thai ingredients that you would need in your kitchen yes if you love Thai food Yes, if you love Thai food these are the essential ingredients that you should have in your pantry for sure so we'll talk about where to get them where to store them and what you can substitute and what not Exactly Yep! So let's get started! Hi guys Here are the basic Thai ingredients If you like Thai food, you've got to have these in your pantry exactly and you can find Exactly And you can find most of them in any local Asian store A little disclaimer we're not sponsored by any of these items We generally think that these items are very important for your Thai cooking So enjoy! The first ingredient we have here is oyster sauce It has a thick consistency It's yummy in marinates and stir fries And you can substitute this with the Chinese brand if you can't find this particular Thai brand But just make sure that once you open it You keep it in the fridge because it could spoil at room temperature the next item we want to talk about is the Thai soy sauce So you can see the mushroom flavor and the original I personally like the mushroom flavor better because it has a unique taste to it Soy sauce in Thai, we call it "See ew" (Thai) which is a term originated from the Chinese immigrants It tastes slightly sweeter than Chinese soy sauce We use it to marinate, stir-fry, and add it to soup because of its unique flavor We don't recommend you to substitute with Chinese or Japanese soy sauce So here we have fish sauce Fish sauce has got to be the most iconic Thai ingredient This is a Thai salty agent used in almost all savory dishes There are many brands of fish sauce but make sure when you're choosing one, choose one that is brownish red in color and translucent Fish sauce does age so get a new one when it gets cloudy (Speaking Thai) Thai Seasoning Sauce this sauce gives an interesting Umami flavor and sometimes to add it to your stir-fry we use it to marinate it is really great this sauce tastes This sauce tastes similar to the Maggi sauce so if you cannot find this, you can substitute with the regular Maggi sauce It still is as delicious as the Thai seasoning sauce Here we have black soy sauce This ingredient is used more of as a coloring agent and making savory foods darker such as the iconic dish Pad See Ew It's more sweet than salty and you shouldn't really taste it but if you do then I think you've added way too much That's right we use that for the color instead of the flavor In Thai we call this the "See Ew Dum" (Thai) Which is similar to the Chinese dark soy sauce which in Cantonese we call it "lo chow" (Cantonese) however "lo chow" (Cantonese) or "lao chou"(Mandarin) in Mandarin It is usually saltier as Johnny mentioned earlier dark soy sauce is mainly sweet if you cannot find it anywhere basically you can skip it for the coloring and add a little bit of brown sugar Palm sugar This is really the most delicious kind of sugar is It's sweet and has a caramelly balanced taste to it it's complex and stimulating at the same time we use that for 99% of our Thai desserts and a lot of savory dishes if you cannot find them you can substitute with Chinese rock sugar or regular brown sugar they work just fine Last but not least we got coconut milk Thai Thai people use coconut milk similarly to how milk and cream is used in western food it gives that richness body and creaminess to many Thai dishes and desserts look for coconut milk products that says a hundred percent on it because it has a higher fat content than the canned one ideally when making curries that's the one we like to use anyway we'll talk more about it in another video you can find coconut milk pretty much anywhere these days unfortunately you cannot substitute coconut milk with any other kind of milk it just won't taste right hey if you like this video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe if you like this video please give us a thumbs !@#$%


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