Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe Kao Mun Gaiวิธีทําข้าวมันไก่Thai Sauce #ThaiKitchen #ครัวไทยในอเมริกา

Hi guys, how are you doing? This is Malinee from Malinee Satit channel today I gonna make Hainanese chicken rice with Thai spicy sauce This recipe is very simple We're gonna cook rice chicken and soup all together in one pot You will get very juicy and tender chicken flavorful rice and rich soup first mince 1 head of garlic or our 8 cloves of garlic use ginger root our two inches mince finely Soak 1 cup of rice in water for 1 hour Drain water from the rice then add the garlic and ginger to the rice add 1/2 teaspoon of salt The chicken I use weighed around 4

5 pounds Clean the chicken and take off all the guts inside next we gonna put rice into -the chicken I'm done stuffing next I gonna use toothpick to secure the chicken butt Put the whole chicken into the Dutch oven breast side up Then add 6 cups of water or until cover half of the chicken

Like this Cover the lid use medium heat After 15 minutes, it is boiling Reduce the heat to the lowest and cook for another 75 minutes All everything is fully cook here my rice and my chicken are done Let's make Thai spicy sauce chops 6 chillies 1/2 a cup of lime juice 1/4 cup of fermented soy sauce and 1/4 cup of black soy sauce, 1/4 cup of sweet soy sauce 4 and 1/2 Tablespoon of sugar, 1 cup of minced ginger mix everything except ginger together Test it and adjust to your liking

if you are happy with the taste then add ginger mix Well, I I took the chicken out of the pot and now it is ready to serve Serving it with cilantro and cucumber, but I don't have cucumber here Let's test the soup I haven't seasoned anything in the soup yet but It's very flavorful It's very rich awesome chicken broth sweet from the chicken Let's taste the chicken This is the breast, Normally, I don't like breast because it is dry

but you can see that this chicken is not dry at all is very juicy and very tender Now I'm having rice very flavorful and very aromatic from the chicken Garlic and also ginger and if you eat it with the sauce, it's even more flavorful Hainanese chicken rice is one of my favorite dish This recipe is very simple I hope to give it a try I hope you enjoy my video Thank you for watching and please subscribe So you won't miss my next video

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