Doodh Potol Recipe–Quick Bengali Recipe of Pointed Gourd (parwal) in milk–Niramish Ranna

Doodh Potol: a quick, simple recipe that tastes unbelievably good for the amount of time and effort it takes kochi potol (small pointed gourd) 500g: use ‘kochi’, seedless potol; this won’t taste good with large potol cardamom 2 pcs, cloves 2 pcs, cinnamon 1 pc cumin powder ½ tsp, turmeric ¼ tsp salt 6g, sugar 8g milk 200g ghee 5g remove pointy ends for this recipe, peel the potol entirely: we want the potol to soak up the curry and become juicy slit both ends to allow curry to enter the potol heat 20g vegetable oil potol fry on medium-high heat until golden (8 minutes) set aside temper same oil with cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon cumin powder, turmeric fry spices for 15 seconds add fried potol back to the pan fry on medium heat for 4 minutes hot milk salt, sugar bubble on medium heat until potol are soft (6 minutes) the potol will become soft and juicy, and burst in your mouth with the delicate curry the milk will reduce to a creamy sauce ghee


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