💜 SALCHICHAS AL HORNO, RECETA BAJA EN GRASA, sausage recipes, mexican food

We're 1,000 Thank you to all of you! baked sausage Ingredients: 12 turkey sausage 5 medium tomatoes A piece of onion A sprig epazote 2 serranos Salt Black pepper preparation: Sausages cut diagonally Place on a refractory Cut the serrano chile into small pieces Cut the onion into small cubes Cut the tomatoes into medium cubes Add them to the refractory and then add leaves wormseed Add salt and pepper to taste Refractory lid Preheat oven to 180 ° and gets sausages After 20 minutes turning the ingredients and then allowed to finish cooking for 20 min more Ready !!! Bon Appetite baked sausage Thank you for viewing our video, if you like the recipe you can do the following: Give like to know that you liked Subscribe to our channel Share the video with your friends on your social networks And do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions, we want to know what you think !!!


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