ଚିଲି ଆଳୁ ମିଲ୍ ମେକର୍ ( Chilli Alu Meal maker Recipe ) | Chilli Potato Soya Bean | Odia

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mrunalineecom Today we will make Chilli Alu Soya bean ( Chilli Potato Soya chunks ) If you enjoy my recipes do like this video and subscribe Also press the bell icon next to subscribe button so that you will get the notification of our latest videos Let's start with today's recipe We need all these ingredients for making this dish Soya chunks – 1 cup ( you can also use mini soya chunks instead of this ) Sliced potato – 1 ( with skin ) Diced green and red bell pepper Diced onion – 1 ( Big ) Tomato sauce Chilli sauce ( Red or Green ) Soya sauce Vinegar All purpose flour Corn flour Lots of garlic and green chilli , as it gives very nice flavour to this Chinese dish Crushed garlic – 2 cloves Chopped coriander leaves ( You can also use chopped spring onion for garnishing ) White sesame seeds Black pepper powder Salt to tatse And oil to fry Let's start boiling the soya chunks Turn on the flame and boil some water first Water starts boiling now Put little salt according to the chunks Then add the soya chunks in it and mix Cover and let it boil on medium flame After 2 minutes, all the chunks are boiled now Turn off the flame And let it cool down for some time In the meanwhile, prepare the batter to fry the potatoes Take a bowl Put 2 tbsp all purpose flour Add 1 tbsp cornflour ( ** Always add the cornflour half of the all purpose flour** ) Add black pepper powder – 1/2 tbsp Put salt as per taste Add crushed garlic cloves Then gradually add the required water to make the batter Stir it very well until all the lumps dissolve The consistency should be like this Batter is ready now and keep it aside Then squeeze the cooled soya chunks very nicely from the water Like this Keep it aside and heat some oil for frying the potatoes Oil is heated now Then nicely dip the cut potatoes in the prepared batter and fry in the hot oil Fry the potatoes on low flame And flip it once it will turned to light brown Here potatoes are turned to light brown Now take it out into a container Fry the remaining potatoes in the same way Let's prepare the sauce Heat the pan first Put some oil ( 2 – 3 tbsp ) Once the oil is heated add chopped garlic and chilli in it and saute it for a minute After adding onion and bell pepper , put little salt on it And then saute it on low – medium flame for a minute Then put 1/2 tbsp black pepper powder And add all sauces in it I have added 3 tbsp tomato sauce 2 tbsp red chilli sauce And 1½ tbsp soya sauce Then stir it on medium flame Now add the boiled soya chunks and fried potatoes in it, then mix everything very well Put salt according to your taste ( as we have added salt earlier ) Add 1/2 tsp vinegar in it Add coriander leaves and mix it Keep the flame high and toss it or mix it well for a minute It is done now Take it out into a serving bowl Decorate it by adding little chopped coriander leaves and white sesame seeds Chilli Alu Soya chunks ( Chilli Potato Soya chunks ) are ready to serve now You can take it with any Chinese dish Or else you can serve it hot as a starter So try this recipe at home And share with me your experience Thank you See you soon in my next video You could subscribe my channel by clicking on this face icon


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