हलवासन – Khambati Halwasan Recipe In Hindi – Quick & Easy Halwasan Sweet – Ganpati Special Recipe

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I am Toral, I am sharing a Gujarati recipe on Swaad Anusaar Which is named as Khambhat nu Halwasan To make Halwasan first of all we will fry gond (edible gum) in clarified butter We will heat 2 tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter) Ghee is hot now

Now we will add 2 spoon of gond in it Fry the edible gum on low flame You can see edible gum has puffed up well Now we will add 500 ml of full fat milk And we will boil it well

As soon as the bubbles show up that means the milk is boiling You can see milk has come to a boil now Now we have to keep this aside and cook it continuously on low flame Now we will caramelize the sugar in another pan Here I have taken 100 grams of sugar

You can see our sugar has caramelized nicely Now we will add this in milk We have to continuously keep stirring this Now milk and sugar has mixed We will let it boil for 5 minutes

Till the time our milk boils let us roast the flour into the ghee To this we will add 2 spoons of ghee Ghee is hot now Now we add 2 big spoons of wheat flour Keep stirring this continuously till it turns light brown in colour

You can see the flour is roasted Now we mix this in milk pan You have to continuously stir this And cook it on low flame Till the time it's ghee separates

Ghee has separated nicely Now we will add 2 spoon of chopped almond Half spoon cardamom powder We will mix this nicely Halwasan is ready

Now we will remove this in plate to cool It has cooled down properly Now we will make small sweet balls out of it Now we will garnish this with almond So Khambhat nu Halwasan is ready

Do make it on Ganesh Chaturthi Enjoy it with your friends and family For more such festival recipes keep watching Swaad Anusaar


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