फोडणीची पोळी|Phodnichi Poli | Recipe For Leftover Chapati |Episode 73

Hi friends ,Akshata here with yet another easy and quick recipe Here I have some leftover rotis or chapatis or poLIS and I'm going to make something called Phodni chi poli (Phodni meaning bagar) so you don't have to waste those rotis or throw them away

It's a nice breakfast item or a snack itemNow in my ingredients here I have one large onion which is finely chopped ,1 green chili which I have cut into two, some curry leaves, one potato which I have peeled and diced I kept it in water so that it doesn't turn brown ,some coriander for garnish and in my spices I am going to take about half a teaspoon of mustard seeds or Mori half a teaspoon of turmeric powder or haldi and half a teaspoon of hing or asafoetida then I also require some salt for taste and about one teaspoon of sugar Now that my oil is hot in the pan, first we will add our mustard seeds or mohri till they begin to splutter then we'll go in our green chilies then half a teaspoon of asafoetida of hing then goes in the chopped onion give all this a good mix and we will cover this for about 1/2 a minute till the onions turn a little bit transparent or translucent after about half a minute onions become translucent now we will add we need to drain the water out and dice now again we will give this a mix and let the potatoes cook a little because they are raw so again we will cover this and all of this has to be done on a slow to medium flame not on – now you are I'd like to give you one tip about how to keep your curry leaves they fresh what I like to do is when I buy the curry leaves and I like to wrap them up in some newspaper or even if you have a brown paper bag put your curry leaves along with the stem ie without removing the leaves, keep them on the stem itself and put them in a brown paper or in a newspaper and then refrigerate them,they remain fresh for a longer time so that's my tip of the day this recipe is a very easy and quick recipe it's called phodni chi poli in Marathi and it you know you can use your rotis which are left over you don't need to just you don't need to throw them away you can even carry this to office in a tiffin or give it to your kids for school so now we can check on our potatoes and just press one of the potatoes and see whether they're cooked this will take about another half a minute for the potatoes to completely cook I have shared a similar recipe using a pao that's called pao achi khichadi even that is an amazing dish I leave a link below in the description box as to how to prepare that and now after about a whole minute you can now see that the potatoes are nice and cooked that is when you press any of the potatoes they break easily, so now it's time for us to add the bits of chapati or poli that we have and give it a good mix so that all the bagar gets mixed well

Everything should get coated wellwith no dry pieces and I've made very small pieces of the poli that also helps, don't make very large pieces ,make very tiny bits of poli it's easier to eat alsoNow that we have mixed all of this well we're now going to add some seasoning so we'll add some salt as per taste I've added about at least one and a half teaspoon of salt according to the quantity of the roti that I have and I'm going to add about one teaspoon of sugar the sugar adds a very nice taste to this dish and again give everything a nice good mix again we'll just cover it for about half a minute now after about half a minute we check on it give it a good stir y'all you can just take a little bit of water on the palm of your hand and just this will be about 2 tablespoons and again just cover it for about half a minute again and now our Phodni chi poli is all ready, we can just garnish it with some nice fresh chopped coriander and here friends is the Phodnichi poli ie you can also serve it with some lime if some people like to have it with a little bit of lime you can add the lime too so this is a nice breakfast recipe or a different recipe please do try out this recipe do let me know in the comments box below as to whether you like this recipe I would love to hear from you please to subscribe to my channel by pressing the red subscribe button that you see below this video do give this video a like by pressing the thumbs up icon that you see if you really like this video and do share my video with family and friends this is Akshata signing off until another video take care bye


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