प्रॉन फ्राईड राईस – Restaurant Style Prawns Fried Rice – Chinese Rice Recipe in Marathi – Sonali

Hello everyone Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Sonali

Today I am going to show you a different type of fried rice And, that is ‘Prawns Fried Rice’ Let’s take some oil in a wok I have taken about 4 tbsp oil The oil is heated

In this we will add 1 cup prawns These are small prawns I have removed the prawn’s shells and have cleaned them We need not cook them too much If you cook them too much they turn rubbery

The prawns tend to release water We need to cook these prawns until the water evaporates And do this on high flame only The water has reduced to a great extent Now, let’s start adding other ingredients

Let’s add ginger I have taken 1 tsp Next, add garlic This is finely chopped We need to add more garlic i

e about 3 tsp I have taken 1 green chilli which is finely chopped We have to make this on high flame Now, I’ll be adding green bell pepper in it

Even, this is finely chopped This about 12 cup Next, I’ll be adding finely chopped French beans ie 12 cup

Then we will add finely chopped carrot about 12 cup And, add 12 cup white part of the spring onion Mix it well We do not have to cook the vegetables Now, we will add all the sauces

Now, I’ll be adding 1 tbsp green chilli sauce 1 tbsp soya sauce 1 tbsp white vinegar Let’s mix it Now, let’s add salt

I am going to add about 1 tsp salt as the soya sauce comprises of salt Hence, I’ll add only a little bit Now, I’ll be adding rice I had taken 15 cup rice and I had cooked it 90%

We have to separate the grains of rice Hence, I had cooked it earlier and cooled it Let’s mix it Now, I’ll be adding vegetable stock cube powder in this This is purely optional You can add it if you want to

The stock cube powder gives a nice flavor Now, we will add cabbage in it It is cut lengthwise I am not going to use too much cabbage Lastly, we will add spring onion leaves i

e spring onion sprigs Let’s give it a final mix Now, let’s switch off the stove Our ‘Prawns Fried Rice’ is ready

Let’s plate it Let’s garnish it with spring onion It is a perfect combination of seafood and Chinese I am sure your mouth is watering Do try it and let me know how it tastes

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