झटपट मसाला पराठा | Quick Masala Paratha | Instant Paratha Recipe | MadhurasRecipe | Ep – 403

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let's see how to make delecious masala paratha today Mostly it so happens that We get up late in the morning or get bored to have same breakfast

This is a quick recipe No much efforts are required The ingredients are easily available, dough is kneded in the morning, You can make this paratha from that too I have taken 2 cups wheat flour Add salt to taste

Add water and knead dough as we knead for chapati dough Dough is almost kneaded Add a little oil on it & knead it a little once more for about a minute Dough is kneaded Transfer it into a bowl

Add a little oil so that it won't get dry Cover & rest it for about 15-20 minutes I have rested the dough for about 30 minutes It is nice & soft Add a little oil & make it even once more

After kneading the dough well once more take a little big ball from it Paratha is a little thick always Make it even once again After making it even dip in dry wheat flour Roll it into into round chapati

After rolling it evenly, don't roll it too thin If you roll it thin then there won't be layers as expected Spread oil on it Spread a little more oil This is masala paratha

This is kanda lasun chutney Sprinkle it This is really a quick recipe if dough is ready with you This is masala paratha So you can add a little more

Spread red chili powder, a little salt just to balance flavors of masala A little finely chopped coriander leaves Press coriander leaves a little so that these won't fall off What to do now is Make layers of this chapati as we make paper fan Like so

After making such layers Fold that side on which we have spread the masala Like so So that masala won't stick to pan while rolling paratha Like so Let's make one more

Take a dough ball dipped in wheat flour Roll a chapati from it After rolling a nice big paratha spread oil Oil helps the masala to stick & doesn't come off from chapati Paratha becomes crispy

Spread kanda lasun chuteny If you don't have it then you can use kala masala Or you can use any stored masala like saoji masala, varhadi masala, malvani masala Spread red chili powder, Salt & finely chopped coriander leaves Make layers again

Fold the side with masala inside Take the rolls those we made and roll each roll really good How nice masala is looking in layers!! After rolling it well take it out into a plate Genarally I roll all the parathas together at a time And roast all parathas at a time Cover these with a napkin

All the parathas are rolled Take one by one paratha and roast them on the pan Pan is enough hot Roast as we roast the chapati After roasting one side for about 3-4 minutes flip it over

Roast for 2-3 minutes form other side too Roast this paratha really well so that it gets nice layers These already have begun to get layers Spread a little oil on one side Use a little more oil so that it gets nice crisp

And this paratha gets well roasted Fantastic Roast paratha really well and crispy from both sides Roast all parathas in the same way What to do after roasting the paratha is Crush the paratha a little from all sides

Like so So that the layres get nicely separated So nice layers it has got!! Next paratha is also roasted Open up from all sides like so What a fantastic layers!! Masala is spread perfectly well inside

Paratha is already This paratha gets fantsatic layers Masala is spread well inside to each and every layer Roast it really good Use a little more oil

This paratha tastes just awesome as it is No need to serve with chutney at all Take it hot off the pan And enjoy crispy, crunchy paratha If you are bored of having breakfast Or feel like having something nice then do try this Do subscribe if you haven't yet

Click bell icon too while subscribing Thank you very much for watching my recipe Let's meet again with such nice recipe Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating


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