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– Hey dudes, I'm Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking we're talking about Thanksgiving leftovers recipes I'm gonna share with you my favorite turkey sandwich that my grandma used to make for us and follow it up with a few more suggestions for how to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers with style and pizzazz not pizza but turkey pizza sounds okay

(upbeat music) This is my favorite sandwich because my grandma used to make this all the time for us She would add these ingredients to her list when she did her Thanksgiving shopping so that she could be sure to have all this stuff on hand to make sandwiches for us So, avocado is a key part of this This is the Hass avocado which is that the bumpy black one You want one that's black or almost black and should feel a little bit soft

I like to test it towards the stem end and just give it a kind of a very gentle feel all around to make sure there's no like divots or like really strange soft spots that might be bruised And then, if you pop the little stem off and you look inside if that part's green then that's also good sign You wouldn't want to get one probably by the time the little center part is black or something it's probably overly ripe So, let's get this open and see if I'm right Wouldn't that be embarrassing if this was just like total disaster inside? Oh, (gasps) it's perfect

Just like me Just kidding Okay, so avocado is a key part of this Some bacon, I already cooked this My family we like it really well done and crunchy especially on the sandwich so the thing about bacon is you want to put it into a cold pan first and then turn onto medium heat is that heat increases it'll render out more the fat so you end up with crispy bacon rather than like kind of flabby bacon and then just flip it at a few times until it's as done as you like

Okay, bacon, leftover turkey If you don't know how to cook a turkey, I also did a video on that a few years ago for like a butter (stammers) injected turkey Ingested? It's both and I'll put a card up here to link to that so you can see how to cook a turkey But this is just some leftover sliced turkey breast I like to leave the skin on for my sandwiches

Lettuce, tomato and white bread You have to use my bread White bread is really, really important for this sandwich Mayonnaise is the other crucial component So mayonnaise, feels so silly to be making a sandwich but you know, sandwich was a crucial part of my growing up

Sometimes would even have these sandwiches like late Thanksgiving night You know when you do your Thanksgiving meal at like 11 AM and then everybody's still hungry again by like five Make sure you get mayonnaise all the way to all the edges unless you're gonna cut the crusts off

That's your prerogative It's my sandwich and I'll do what I want to and if you have any left over cranberry sauce that's good too but it's totally not necessary Okay, then, two big slices of tomato down and I always, always unless I'm packing the sandwich to go, in that case, I don't do this, I like to put a little salt and pepper right on the tomato 'cause it's so juicy and it really sucks in all the salt and pepper flavor just to make sure you have a well seasoned sandwich Some turkey This part of the layering is not quite as crucial

You can kind of do any any arrangement you like after you get the tomato down And I like the tomato right on the bread so the tomato like soaks into the bread a little bit too so it gets all the flavors just get all together A little lettuce I like iceberg, it's really crunchy and then for the avocado this is, I just do this and a lot of people are like that so dangerous but I tell you I have never liked cut all the way through and sliced my hand in half or anything so I don't think it's really that dangerous if you just use very light pressure Which if your avocado is ripe, that should be all you need

And then, I'm gonna use some of this avocado on the other side of the bread as a kind of spread Smeared it around a little bit And then the bacon I like bacon when it's like crunchy like a cracker and kind of almost burnt That's just me, you do it how you want to do it

So usually like two slices of bacon broken in half Oh Lordy, I haven't had this in so long My grandmother died like, oh gosh, I think it was about four years ago and I don't think I've had this sandwich since we used to have Thanksgiving at her house and that was even longer than four years ago because she was in a nursing home for a long time before that so here we go (simulates explosion) This is gonna be like my childhood You're gonna be witnessing me eating my childhood

After this I got coming up a chicken pot pie which you can totally use leftover turkey to make a turkey pot pie but first I'm gonna eat this delicious looking sandwich And one thing I always appreciated when I was a kid is how pretty it is on the inside Avocado and the turkey and everything and I'm talking too much and I should just eat this a real Mmmm Oh, yeah

So delicious Sorry, I've got mayo-face Oh wow, oh gosh I hope that you guys make this and share it with your family Think about my family

Love y'all Have a great Thanksgiving Don't forget to click right down here to subscribe and up next is chicken pot pie Hey Dudes I'm Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking, we're doing an old time-y, American classic, Chicken Pot Pie

And I'm really excited because this is actually the first recipe we've done on Hilah Cooking that has marijauna in it and, uh, what? There's no pot in it? There's no pot in chicken pot pie? Who names this thing? We're going to make our creamed, chicken filling You can also do this with turkey I just used a whole chicken that I cut up, and then boiled for about an hour, in four cups of water, and then just shredded it like this I've got some butter here I'm going to add my vegetables now, just to get them a little bit softened up before it bakes in the oven, and I've just got onions and celery, carrots and an ear of corn, just fresh corn, that I cut off the cob

I showed you how to do that in the quinoa salad video if you need to see how to remove the kernels from the ear of corn Okay, so once the onions are starting to get a little bit translucent you can go ahead and scoop them out into a bowl, and you could probably skip this step if you cut up your vegetables really, really small, they'd probably cook just fine in the oven without this little head start, but that's up to you A little more butter in the pan for our roux Okay, I said little, but it's actually not a small amount of butter I will grant you that

Alright, so once your butter and flour are totally combined like this and it's smelling a little bit nutty, like cooked flour, go ahead and add the stock And this, this was just the water that I boiled the chicken in And a lot of people say that if you add cold water to hot roux, that you won't get lumps, but I find, that they surest thing for me is just to whisk it a lot Let's just see if I'm proving myself wrong right now in this very second Beautiful! Okay, once all of the liquid is incorporated and you have a smooth sauce, and honestly, you really should do this in a large pot

I'm using a skillet because it shows up better in the video, so y'all can see what's going on here, but you can see that I made a huge mess So, a huge pot would actually be way better And I'm going to season it with a little bit of salt and pepper and dried sage Sage is an earthy kind of thing I use it a lot in bread stuffing and cornbread stuffing

Alright, and I turned the heat up to high and I'm just gonna get this up to a simmer and then it'll thicken up really well Okay, look, this is getting nice and silky, smooth, nice and thick We're gonna turn the heat off and just let it cool for a little bit while we move on to our pastry dough I got here some pastry dough that I already made up I have a video on how to make your own pie crust

You could check that out But you could also buy one or some people will even use biscuit dough I'm gonna do a two crust pie today, so I'm gonna use pie crust because that works better if you want the bottom crust also And whenever you're rolling out, it's easier to get a round shape if you start in the middle and work your way out to the edges And just keep turning it to keep it from sticking and also to keep it as round as you can

Okay, that's pretty round there, and I've got a standard pie pan I really should be using a deep-dish pie pan But, so, whatever I'll probably have a lot of filling left over, but that's fine Just use your rolling pin to help you get it in there, and pat it down

If there's any, little, hangover edges, just pull those off and we'll add them to the other half that's gonna go on the top Okey-doke, and now, while I've got my flour board all still here, I'm gonna go ahead and roll out the top crust And for this, I'm going to try, I'm going to attempt to do a lattice-top crust I've never done one before It might turn out hideous

But I sure hope not So, I'm just going to roll this more into a more rectangular shape Pizza cutter! I think this'll work good So, I'm just gonna cut this into, like, half-inch strips I think? I think that's half-inch

I really don't know Let's see if this works out for me Let's see if the gods are willing Alright, now I've got my little guy So, I'm just gonna start off with putting half of these fillings in here

Well that's cute, some chicken, a little bit of parsley And I think I'll put a little more vegetables on top so that the color shows through the little lattice thingy And it'll look real cute Okay, cool, don't wanna fill it too much 'cause we gotta leave room for our chicken sauce! Okay, beautiful And then lets see how people do this

So, I don't really know what I'm doing here, so don't judge me too harshly Alright, that's not half bad, that's not the most ugliest thing I've ever made Just wanna tuck the little bits around I'm actually gonna build up the edges a little bit with the extra pastry Alright, and now, since it is a little janky and hobo-lookin', I am gonna brush it with a little bit of milk and that's gonna help the pastry crisp up and get brown and kinda shiny

You could also use a beaten egg but, since you're only gonna use a tiny bit, it always seems like a waste to me to use a whole egg for something like that And this is totally optional, it's just gonna make it a little bit prettier It looks fan-chicken-tastic I'm gonna put it in the over now for about thirty or forty minutes (upbeat music) Pie's done, dudes! Pot pie, yo, no weed though

So chicken pot pie is a great option to use up some turkey Another idea would be to do a tortilla soup I did a chicken tortilla soup video coming up you can totally use your leftover turkey This is a nice option because it's got like really light and fresh flavor so it's a big change from the heavy holiday food that we're all been eating Alright, we're gonna to start out by making our broth which the first step to that is kind of like making salsa

I've got here a guajillo chile that I'm just gonna toast really quickly here If you can't find guajillo you can use an ancho Whoa Or just substitute a teaspoon of chili powder and then that's hot, and then, I'm just gonna let the cool Okay, so, gonna put tomato, and onion and garlic, and some oregano and thyme all in my blender

Now this guy I'm actually probably dump a little bit of the seeds out Okay, cool Kinda tear it up into chunkies I'm gonna add a little bit of water just get things moving and shakin' and we'll gonna make a paste

It's gonna be loud You might want to cover your ears Perfecto, okay And then I've got some chicken broth here that I made myself That's what so dark and rich looking

4 cups of that and I got my big soup pot and we'll start putting this together and then it's gonna be ready real fast Promise So the first thing we're gonna do is kind of like fry our little salsa that we made So I've got a big pot here, maybe just like a teaspoon of oil, not very much And let's try to keep this dietary for the chicks and the old people, huh? So you see how like this is kind of a pale pink but you'll see as it cooks it'll turn a little bit darker and that's what we want is to like lose the raw taste of the onion and the garlic

Alright, so this is like kind of turning as it was kind of pink now it's starting to turn a little bit orange And that's good It's getting a little bit darker Cool so this is getting a little bit of a simmer happening from here on out it's like super easy I'm gonna add my so okay now you can see it's like a lot darker than it was initially so that's cool

Okay, I'm gonna add my stock Keep it on high and then a lot of times when you get chicken tortilla soup at a restaurant is just like chicken and tortillas in a very delicious broth but there's usually not a lot of vegetables going on but foo-foo on that I'm gonna add some zucchini and carrots and celery I'm gonna put it all in and some poblano pepper, just a little bit of that and then I've got some left over chicken from when I roasted chicken I did an episode on that a couple weeks ago

That's I made the chicken stock too, so if you want to use, if you don't have leftover chicken, you can just dice up some chicken breasts and throw it in there too Or put them in whole, be a little more authentic, put them in whole then when they're done, take them out, cool 'em off and shred them like I've done here with his leftover chicken Oh my God, I just spilled everywhere So, okay We're practically done

Just gonna give it a little stir, looking good And I'm gonna put a lid on it and bring it to boil and let it simmer for maybe 20 minutes until the vegetables are done and then soup's on! Okay, so it's been kind of like a good simmer for about 30 minutes and I realized I forgot to put any salt in it So, I'm gonna do that now And then, I have these little tortilla strips that I made All I did was get four corn tortillas and cut them into little skinny pieces and bake them at 300 for about 15 minutes

Just kind of give them a little shake every once in a while Then we have totally fat-free little crispy tortilla things I'm gonna throw few of those in here just to thicken up the broth a little bit It'll absorb some of the liquid and make it nice, thick like a stew so just a handful Kinda crunch them up

Now, I've got a little bit of cilantro and I'm just gonna tear it up and throw it in You want to make sure that you put the cilantro in at the last minute because it's flavor will, it kind of gets a little bit bitter when you cook it too long and I like that fresh kind of grassiness that it that it affords the soup Wow This is gonna be so good in my mouth Alright, the time is nigh

Okay and also you always want to squeeze a little bit of lime juice over each bowl and add a few more little tortilla strips Sometimes it's served with rice that you can kind of mix up in there but I just like these little crunchy deals Mmmm Oh man Dude, lime juice killer

Alright, well this is how I make chicken tortilla soup in my house and it's the bomb, y'all Okay, I hope you try this I'm gonna finish eating it now and see you guys later Thanks for watching Hilah Cooking! Bye! If you got a lot of left over mashed potatoes I did a mashed potato video last week with a couple more ideas for how to use left over potatoes so you can check that out I'll put a card up here and if you're one of those people that likes to do a ham and a turkey for Thanksgiving, I salute you but you probably have some left over ham so coming up is ham and cheese waffles

These are a yeasted waffle They're delicious, nice savory waffle you can mix up the batter the night before you go to bed and then if you have family staying with you, you can just add some left over chopped up ham and cheese and everybody gets delicious ham and cheese waffles So the first thing, we're just gonna melt some butter Need about, well we need exactly half a cup Since we need to be exact, I'm gonna estimate it and I'm just gonna melt it in this pot here

Of course, you could use a microwave which normally I would do but the inside of my microwave is like real dirty right now and I'm kind of embarrassed to show it to you So we're gonna do it here on the stove which is mostly clean Over medium heat so it melts but doesn't burn I'm gonna measure out my milk I'm using 2% but you could use whole milk, you probably use skim but a little bit of fat is good and it makes a lighter, fluffier, crispier waffle so let's go for 2%

Kind of meet you in the middle there dietary needs So once it's melted, turn it off and add the milk and you'll just let it sit here and that milk's gonna cool the butter off so that we don't dump boiling hot butter into our flour I don't know why that's bad but anyway we're just going to let that sit there and measure some flour This is just all-purpose flour I get that question a lot when I don't specify what kind of flour because I think that in Europe and in maybe like Australia and New Zealand self rising flour is really commonly used and it's not so commonly used here in the U

S so if you see a recipe a US recipe that doesn't specify, I can guarantee you it's all-purpose flour and all US

recipes will specify that if it self rising So all-purpose, not a plug for King Arthur flour although I do enjoy the flour products Okay, I'm gonna add some sugar This is just a teaspoon of sugar Add some salt, about a teaspoon

I don't know how much is in here That's probably about right and The neighbor's dog, I'm gonna kill it someday

Well it looks like the doggy woke the baby up but that's okay Hey, what's up, dude? Say hello Maybe he'll just hang out in the kitchen with me, maybe the dog will shut the (censored) up, maybe we'll be able to get through this (censored) mess with a minimal amount of excess noise Let's give it a shot Yay! There we go

Hey, now you can see me and your father Okay, packet of yeast, active dry Make sure the date is good and this little teaspoon, get all that out, little teaspoon of sugar I put in there is not going to make these sweet It's just going feed the yeast Feed the yeast would be an awesome name for a metal band that writes songs about gynecological issues

Now we're gonna dump our milk and butter in here and get that whisked up Whisked up And with waffles, you don't really need to make sure that the lumps are out In fact, you shouldn't just soon as there's not a bunch of dry patches of flour then you're good There's still some lumps here, that's fine

Gonna add in two eggs Uno, dos I can count and we'll get these whisked in And as soon as the eggs are all incorporated and there's no more streaks of egg white or egg yolk, this looks perfect I'm brilliant

We're gonna cover it and put it in the fridge for 12 hours up to like 36 hours I'm using Glad Press'n Seal I'm just gonna start telling all the brand names and using it until somebody gives me a lot of money for it I'm looking at you whoever makes Glad Press'n Seal It's probably like some horrible company that is killing our planet

Yep, that's what it says on the box Okay, I'm gonna put this in the fridge Don't look in my fridge Oh, look at this, I have one already made about 36 hours ago What a coincidence

So now we need to add our fancy stuff This is what it looks like And see it's all like risen I've got about 3 ounces of ham This is just like ham, lunchmeat ham, you could use Canadian bacon if you wanted to probably or even crispy cooked bacon that you crumble up really fine

So you want to cut it up pretty small Like ham confetti, pork-fetti And I've got some chives here If you don't want to use chives or can't find them then you can use some green onions and we just want about 2 tablespoons and then of course I got my shredded cheese, sharp cheddar I'm using And I just bought it already shredded because I hate using cheese graters

Alright, so I'm just gonna add in the ham and then the chives, then the cheese Then you just mix it on in there, guys and you're dough will deflate a little bit That's fine and unavoidable Just go with the flow like I am here Just embracing the choas that my house has become with two dogs and a baby and then plus the neighbor's dog that finally has shut up

Knock on wood Okay, so I've got a Belgian waffle iron here If you don't have one of these, you can use a regular waffle iron The Belgian one just has deeper pockets or grid I'm gonna scoop some of this in there

Try not to put so much that it's gonna overflow And then close it and most of them have a little light that tells you when it's done but basically you just want to look for it'll start to steam a lot and then the steam will subside and then you can open it Take a peek, see if it's brown enough If it doesn't open easily, that means it's not cooked So just don't force it

Whoa, shit, it's overflowing Really overflowing Don't do that Don't make it overflow like I just did So, my waffle is done

Look at that Dude! It's crunchy, smells like an awesome cheesy ham sandwich I'm just gonna eat that one, throw this in the oven to keep warm And then, so yeah, you can top these with butter and maple syrup which is actually surprisingly delicious I've got a compound butter here that I made yesterday that's scallions, green onions, whichever you call 'em, and lemon

Which is delicious You can top them with hollandaise sauce, then you can top it with a runny fried egg These are really pretty versatile So, I'm just gonna do this Just gonna take a chunk out

Oh man, look at it It's like chock full of ham and cheese and I'm stoked Hope you enjoyed those suggestions for how to use your Thanksgiving leftovers I've got more ideas at my website at HilahCookingcom

Please don't forget to subscribe right down there and I will see you next week with more videos Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, bye! (blows a kiss) (upbeat music)


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