Watermelon Flush -The Perfect Summer Cleanse Recipe

– There was a green house and inside the green house there was a white house and inside the white house there was a red house and inside the red house there was lots of babies What is it? Ta da! Watermelon

I freaking love watermelon and today we're gonna talk about the watermelon flush juice Watermelon is this baby, it's amazing for so many different things, including ridding toxicity from the body And as we rid the toxicity from the body, it's going to boost your metabolism and helps you reduce that evil, little thing called cellulite So, today, we've got, I don't know, half a watermelon maybe? Yeah, I don't know, a quarter, a quarter of a watermelon We've got a cucumber, and we've also got a lime and at the end I may just add in some mint because if you're in summer right now or wherever you are in your world, watermelon juice with a tad of mint is absolutely God's gift

So, let's give this a shot and see how it turns out Okay, so maybe I got a little bit too carried away We're not going to use a whole quarter of a watermelon It's like a quarter of a quarter of a quarter Anyway, so as you can see here I've cut it into little strips and what is going to keep it all together? So, you've got the green house, the white house, the red house

Keep it all together in one because a lot of the nutrients are actually found in the skin, so why not add more into the juicer? (music) The juice is in, mint is in Nom nom nom nom nom And it's so freaking amazing Get onboard the watermelon flush and you will not be dissapointed (music)


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