VLOG: Walnut Recipes | Life in the French Countryside

So this is the walnut grove We have 60 walnut trees here on our land – how lucky is that to have all of this bounty at our fingertips, and a little baby to enjoy it with

And today I'm gonna get cracking with the ton of walnuts that we have left over from last autumn and I'm gonna have a lot of fun making some culinary creations out of this walnutty bounty and also out of this bounty that I've just found at our feet – wild strawberries They've just sprouted up in the last couple of days and there's a carpet of them here on the woodland floor so I'm gonna pick a few and include them in my cookery so let's get cracking Now we've made that lovely jar full of walnuts let's try one Mmm it's so good – it's sweet and nutty And the rest of this is going to my parents

Just one more Now there are so many nutritional benefits of walnuts – they're considered to be one of the most nutritional nuts on the planet and that's saying something because nuts are all already really nutritious Ooh! I think it's gonna rain! And walnuts have particularly high levels of essential fatty acids EFAs – omega-3s and omega-6s, and it's in the right balance as well, omega-3s and 6s, and they are extremely helpful in weight loss – they help you to lose weight, and have been shown to counteract depression An amazing food – Baby wants some too – so yeah amazing food to add into your daily diet and I feel super duper lucky to have these little feet to chew on and to have an abundance of these delicious nuts to feast on all year round And I'm gonna go make another really exciting thing with my walnuts now

Super creamy, super thick, super walnutty Best nut milk ever Cheers! So with all of my walnutty goodness I've made myself the bestest, most delicious walnut meal


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