Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to make a vegan Caesar salad dressing, which is equally as delicious as the regular kind, just in this dressing we're not using any animal products, and if you're not vegan you can also use this recipe if you're trying to avoid dairy or you're avoiding the raw egg that's inside and it's also a pretty low-calorie dressing if you're watching your weight So let me show you the ingredients: you'll need some water, you'll need some freshly squeezed lemon juice that's about one large lemon or two small, you'll need half of an avocado ripe and soft – perfect for mashing, you'll need two cloves of garlic this is two large cloves but you can use three medium, and you'll also need a teaspoon of Dijon mustard if you don't have Dijon you can use whole grain or regular mustard, to that you're also going to add some nutritional yeast now this is gonna give us the cheesy flavor that usually get from parmesan in a regular Caesar salad dressing, and you're also gonna need a little bit of coarse salt and some black pepper, and last but not least some cashews and these have been soaked overnight so now they're nice and soft to blend and this is going to give some thickness to your sauce

So you're gonna start by taking a food processor you can use a chopper or any kind of blender and you're gonna add all of your ingredients, your cashews, your avocado And now I'm dissolving some water with the nutritional yeast, this will help make the nutrition yeast blend a little bit better in your dressing and just pour that in and I've used a quarter cup of my water and I'll add more if I need it to be a little bit more liquidy So start blending that on a high speed until it gets smooth you might end up with the little chunks of cashews that's okay it's still gonna taste really good and scrape down the sides of your blender a couple of times and then blend it again Now at this point I'm gonna check the consistency of my dressing, if it's too thick you can use that as a dip or if you want to add more water to make more of a salad dressing just add a quarter cup at a time And blend that again and check again if you like the consistency, I usually use 3/4 cup total for the recipe of water if I'm making a salad dressing, if I'm making a dip I usually just use a quarter cup of water that I've dissolved with my nutritional yeast once it's at the consistency that you like you can pour it into any kind of container it can be a jar or a plastic container I'm just pouring it into a little pitcher because I'm going to use it to dress my salad

And this can stay in the fridge for up to three days just make sure it's sealed and use it whenever you like, so if you like this video you can check out my website for the recipe I'll leave the link to that and description box below you can also find more recipes on my website on my youtube channel as well, like and subscribe for more videos and I'll see you next time:)


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