hey guys um I just want to check in with you because I'm also doing and I just did a roller set so my hair is kind of um going all over the place here um I'm juicing at the moment and I like to always when I'm juicing incorporate either kidney cleanse or like in this case a candida cleanse I particularly like to do Candida cleanses because everyone has Candida in the body and for the most part I can bet you that your Candida conditions in the body is probably out of control as Minds is and once I start doing a candida cleanse I start to feel myself again the bloating the not being able to sleep the mood swings all of that stuff goes away when I start to get in today 9 and 10 of my candida cleanse I start to feel the release of the good effects of the candida now there are die-off effects and they can come in all shapes or forms like flu-like symptoms – headaches – sore throat – Suvir breakouts on the face with a turn like pus yellow pus might come out the skin and you know just all kinds of things can happen in the detox process luckily for me I from the gate have always just salt water flushes so my body is ahead of the game as far as flushing out those bad toxins so that it doesn't get in the bloodstream it's not making me feel horrible and you know basically making me not want to finish the cleanse a lot of people don't finish candy the cleanses because of the simple fact that it makes them really sick and they're not able to go to work and be functional so yes my body for the most part is not 100 percent clean but it's cleaner than the average bear so when I do these kinds of cleanses and stuff like that I don't really have that many issues as fathers flu-like symptoms or headaches well once a while I have a headache but it comes and goes and you know life goes on yes but I'm incorporating that with the juicing this is um 32 ounces of watermelon juice I had be made this early this morning tastes so good this look at the color on this bad boy oh my god is just saying so good so I had me I got a whole watermelon a big one I decided to get a whole one set of a half of one and I cut it in four halves the long way and what I did was every single day I juiced half of you know half of the watermelon and I make a little over about 32 ounces of watermelon because this fast juice faster I'm doing this time I'm going to drink as much juice as I feel like I want to even if I'm not hungry I still wanna if I feel like having a juice or I have a flavor in my head that I want to just create just like I just got on the a watermelon kick I love the flavor of watermelon I just I'm just gonna drink it so particularly now I'm drinking about 32 to 64 ounces which 64 ounces been the go-to since I spotted the juice cleanse and I have had days where I drank upwards to 96 ounces of juice and that's fine you know I'm not eating any solid foods I'm still giving my our body break my digestive system so I'm not complaining and stuff and I'm getting tons and tons of energy so I have bought a whole watermelon and that whole watermelon will make approximately a hundred and twenty eight ounces of juice and that's not even including the rind because I use the rind of the watermelon to make some savory juices as well so uh I don't want to make this video too long just want to let you know yes I'm checking in let you know I'm still on my journey I'm trying to lose the remaining of this weight and I have a lot of protocols and cleanses that I'm doing so I just wanted to make you guys aware of that so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel like and she had this video and make it a favorite


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