it is indeed a great pleasure to present to you at this particular guys excited for my first what's up guys welcome back to another freestyle Friday if you're new around here my name is Eamon that's Rebecca this is our little tiny home that we live full-time and we make recipe videos every single Friday and by we I mean usually I but today Becca's going to show you her staple meal it's a little bit hot today to be making a staple meal but it's so delicious that we're gonna make it you're gonna love it I'm gonna introduce you to my beautiful fiancee and she's gonna take over from here hey everybody put my hair on the top of my head just so you don't totally freak out I know we look similar enough so let's get this recipe started Wow I don't know why we're choosing to make soups today but we are this is not even my recipe I wish I could take the credit for this my mom started making this Oh round two she's just doing lots around my mom started making this and aim and I fell in love in particular Amon was really into the soup so I'm gonna make it for you guys you saw it on her latest vlog you asked me to make this freestyle v ride a ride a rusty and let's get started we don't have a cutting board I said to Amos we please go back to the office to get the cutting board I want to look professional and he said naw this is freestyle Friday so first thing you got to do is grab your plate which should be a cutting board we're gonna chop onion we're gonna chop garlic and we're gonna get this man smelling my biggest fear about doing this freestyle Friday to be honest is I have no skills at all in the kitchen and I'm sure you're gonna pick up on that I'm flops lobster out okay just on this show does it round um laughs track is welcome at any time if you want to giggle through my jokes I'm gonna do another whole onion and I don't have a cutting board so the other thing you'll notice that I'm really different in the kitchen and Aemon is I kind of make a massive mess my dad always said growing up that the bigger the mess my mom made the better the meal so you guys can judge how good the soup is by the disaster the kitchen is in the end grab a big pot show you what I got you need a dash of olive oil there we go I'm gonna toss these onions into the pot and then just put them until the while the onions are cooking we're gonna crumble our sausage and some garlic my family is a good point buddy welcome we love to go heavy on the garlic so much garlic that your hands smell like garlic for a couple of days but when we first started making this recipe we were exclusively using field roast sausage because you guys know we loved Italian well we love all the field roast but we since discovered this canadian-based grande and it's called gusta so I'm using gusta because it's what's in our local grocery store I'm just gonna take off all the plastics probably not put it in the garbage where I should put it and then I just crumble that into like little pieces I'm gonna add my garlic and my South finish sometimes actually I like to add a little bit of extra of garlic powder a little bit of dried babe oh come on what told me you gotta do spices early you just gotta let that cook up a little bit and then I kind of like to almost brown sausage flavor please this is such an easy recipe that anybody can do it anywhere you could be camping you could have a rainy day and just want to whip up something really quick it's so simple it's basically over we're basically done we're about to beauty only I do like to simmer the soup for quite some time because that's when you get all the flavor flavor so I should flavor flav like a million times I'm gonna open up the tomato I'm going diced tomatoes I think the original recipe might have called for crushed but I kind of like the tomato chunks so many of your mom says those can openers that were attached to the cupboard and then you just put it up there and it was electric electric joint word that's what I grew up with so then coming down granny was and veggie broth I forgot this the last time if you guys watched our vlog we literally worked on the most beautiful beach oh we had to go back into town and get vegetable broth oh that's a stinker don't forget the vegetable broth you guys so I'm going to chop up some fresh basil because oh my god fresh basil frickin unreal you know smell that unreal so good fresh stuck on my cutting board here this is actually a really good time while that's all browning up so just clean up your area I normally go unsalted but I believed that there was none left at the G store I'm gonna add some fresh basil top that in there this is the part where it gets a little slow and you get a little hungry and you want to speed up the process but you can't speed up good stuff so you've just got to let that simmer for 20 minutes it's a really good time to go online go to chai wallah chai calm and place your order maybe I'll join the ladies for a couple of laps welcome back wow that's very intense welcome back everybody we're going to now put the new yorky good naki in and then I'm gonna grab like maybe you like lots of spinach is this too much two handfuls of spinach that's enough for me and then you let that simmer for another decent news that was a mix of French and Spanish I think we're good you folks how's that looking my cameraman is slacking on the job there he's watching you Instagram all right we're gonna put this in the bowl we're gonna grab our favorite boo favorite boo lobster go back to the office and Sonny thought it's straight-up delicious my mama my mama knows what she's talking about I like burning my mouth and my tongue arm soos because we gotta eat it while it's hot so actually this is perfect for a man because he doesn't need to talk he's a cold like a busy okay guys so this is a true test here I'm gonna put Beck's give it a name for this this is the tomato yucky party tomato no key soup newer keys are a little false potato if people didn't know that the reason why I love this soup is because it is super filling like look at that finish potato you're getting the the Italian sausage with the tomato and I've had this a few times I'm gonna know if she's on point or not you know it's incredible that you can get that much flavor from something with such little ingredients like it's such a simple soup but everything works well together the Italian sausage has its own flavor that binds with the black pepper that marries up with the no key in the tomato and it all just comes in beautifully Becki smashed it thank you so much for jumping in front of the lens today I know that was super appreciate that I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you guys want to see more of Beck's amazing recipes that she has just might be able to pull like one or two smash that thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our Channel coming at you every single Friday with a new recipe wait can I see something else ayman always gets you guys tagging him in his recipe photos and I'm a little bit jealous of it would you please tag me if you make this I want to see it my Instagram is at Rebecca Mooney I know that's lame but I bought it for ten years something so please tag me in your tomato new yorky soup recipe and if you have a better name for it than that let me know in the comments below okay I'm done no Tommy


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