TORTA MIMOSA Ricetta Speciale Dedicata alle Donne – Italian Mimosa Cake Recipe

Italian Mimosa Cake Break 6 eggs Start to mix with a whisk Add 200g of sugar 220g of flour A plastic bag of yeast for dessert Oil and flour a rectangular baking tray (this is 32 cm x 22 cm) Put the mixture inside it In absence of the right baking tray we can use double alluminium trays for 8 portions And to make a half dose we can use the measure "4 portions" Put into the oven of 180°C and let it cook for 3540 minutes (I use the non ventilated oven) Prepare the cream in the meanwhile Let 750ml of milk warm up Add the peel of a lemon Break 3 eggs in a pot Add 6 spoons of sugar 6 spoons of flour Mix well with a whisk When the milk is hot remove the peel of the lemon Mix the rest and put it on fire Mix continuosly until thicken it It will need 5 minutes more or less Let the mixture into the pot and cover it with a wrap After the established time, take the sponge cake out of the oven Let it cool down With the sharp knife cut the base into three identical parts Prepare the filling and the syrup Whip 500ml of cream (sugared yet) Take the cream Mix it for few seconds with an electric whisk Put togheter the two creams (just an half of the white one) Keep the rest of the cream for the final decoration Mix it well Put in a bowl a can of canned pineapple Cut the pineapple in little pieces and put them into the cream Water down the syrup with a half glass of water We'll use it like a syrup Set up the cake Plunge the first part Cover it with a half of the filling Cover with the upper overturned part And do the same thing with the other part Cut the borders of the central part and crumble it roughly Use the crumbs to cover the cake Use the rest of the cream to decorate the cake with a sac à poche Finally, some yellow strips and some fantasy to decorate the cake This cake is for all the womenThat everyday make the world a better place THANKS!!


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