Top 10 Spanish Tapas on a budget

so you're in Spain and you're busy sightseeing and now you really need to grab something to eat maybe you're on a budget maybe the restaurants aren't open yet or maybe you're traveling with kids and you have to eat in your hotel room no worries you can pick up some great products packed with Spanish flavor from the supermarket and take them with you for your very own DIY tapas picnic I'll even throw in a photo shopping list at the end of the video so you can get a local to help you find the items even if you don't speak Spanish clever eh? If this video sounds useful to you and you want to know more about Spanish local products and recipes please subscribe to my channel Ok so let's see what I found for you

First of all I've got probably my favorite little grab-and-go tapa they're called bucket honest they're a kind of enjoy V but they've been cured in vinegar instead of salted and then they're stored in oil these ones just in sunflower oil they don't taste anything like salted anchovies they have more of a pickled flavor so if you like Scandinavian hearing Rollmops you'll like these next up alioli garlic mayonnaise it doesn't necessarily go with any of these foods but I love it just on bread or with tomatoes also if you're planning on making a sandwich with the other items you can use that alioli as a spread instead of butter all right this next one is a dried tuna product it's called Mahama so it's made in a process that so much you're making jamon serrano or Spanish ham the tuna is air dried and then you get this chewy chewy product with really intense tuna flavor and you can find some other ideas for making Mahama okay just some cherry tomatoes for vegetable relief next up some little longer missus these are a dried salami these packs have five mini sticks inside and they're great for a car snack hi King snack great with drinks okay next up is one that is local to the Valencia region it's called s Koretz it's a mix of roasted red peppers garlic and dried salt cod bacalao and is packed in oil so you might want some Forks for this one it's great on bread or toast and I have another video showing you how to make it okay on to the cold cuts this pack is a good introductory sampler I think it's a bit more expensive than the other items at the top is the jamon serrano this one is aged 24 months everyday household her mum packs are arranged around our aged sorry around 14 months so and this one the flavor is a bit more developed and it really melts in your mouth at the bottom you have some cannula more it's an air dried pork loin chorizo Iberico this is a Spanish pork salami that's flavored with garlic and paprika that's why it's orange and it's not spicy at all it's not like Mexican chorizo on the cheese front we have a selection of different manchego traditionally made with sheep's milk but this one includes a few slices of goat's cheese as well Nick's this huge jar you can't really get any smaller containers of these but they're a real bargain as well they're called antenna moses in spain and they're lupin beans they've been cooked and stored in brine so they're salty from the liquid and they usually serve with drinks instead of or alongside peanuts in fact there are a lot of healthier than peanuts with chips but they are a bit tricky to eat you have to bite a hole in their outer skin and then pop the beam directly into your mouth and don't eat the skin I also picked up some wine and this is a Rioja five years old and it was under four euros that's another thing don't be scared off by the prices of bottled wine here particularly if you're from the US Australia or New Zealand you might think that there must be something wrong with them to make them so cheap you can actually get some pretty wines here for under five euros another great option for all these salty snacks and for a picnic is Karva Spanish bubbly you can often find half bottle options and they're really inexpensive the only drawback is that there are no children's in the supermarket ok that's it let me know in the comments which things you tried and check out my other videos for recipes and more adventures with Spanish ingredients keep watching for that photo shopping list and prices and I'll see you next time Aprovecho you


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