Tiramisù ricetta classica con le uova pastorizzate

Hello everyone, welcome to my GreedyWeb channel if you have not already done subscribe to the channel and activate the bell that is below the video today we will do and I dedicate this to one friend of facebook hello that has asked me for a long time but I do not have it It could be done right away today we will do the Tiramisu, but we will do the classic one, the original one where only the yolks go then there are so many variations there are those who do it with egg whites there are those who do it by adding the cream this is the true and classic, the base of the Tiramisu only with egg yolks and the proportion of 5, 5 egg yolks 5 tablespoons of sugar 500 grams of mascarpone 6-7 cups of coffee 300 g of ladyfingers, I took these the yolks should be pasteurized, I will not take you to the stove but we take the egg yolks we break them with a whisk add the sugar let's go on the stove now, there I bring it because it's a moment we have to bring them to a temperature of 64 degrees to pasteurize them because eggs should never be used without being pasteurized, because salmonellosis is at risk so the egg yolks, not the whole egg, but only the yolks should be pasteurized at 64 degrees they are put on the bain-marie or in this case, since the bowl is made of steel, I will bring it closer to the stove with a thermometer when I get 64 degrees I go to mount them in the planetary and after So here they are, I'll show you, now I'm 64 degrees, you always have to mix it must be fast, now let's go and put them together until they cool, otherwise we can not combine mascarpone and here are our eggs, I do not know if you can see them, but they are pasteurized and assembled perfectly we wait for them to come down now let's go to mix the cream gently now we put some in the sac a few to make the surface let's start making our tiramisu do not get them too wet, gets wet, turns and gets up so it is soaked but not soaked we cover with mascarpone we take our sac a few with the mascarpone cream that we left aside and we make small tufts, small because it must suffice for everything and;) I could also smooth it, but when it is spread out then the cocoa is much more scenic to see anyway now we put it in the fridge possibly all night but since since my children will soon be coming back from school we'll open it soon anyway, when we have to serve it we put cocoa we do not put it first because then it becomes dark and is not pleasant to see then also to the taste it becomes too bitter too paparose cocoa should be put only when it is time to serve the ruder and the tastier and the tastier the Tiramisu in fact it is advisable to do it in the evening for the next day Did you like the recipe? I hope so, this is the basic recipe, then if you want to put the egg whites maximum two because otherwise it becomes too liquid cream, maximum 2 out of 5 egg yolks, 2 egg whites but the basic recipe is this, only with i yolks see you next time Hello to all Do you want to know what I will do in the next video? still undecided dreams I'll write it down in the infobox if you have not done so, sign up and activate the bell under the video to keep up to date with the next videos see you next time Hello to all let's put cocoa and here is our tiramisu enjoy your meal


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