The Presto Nomad Slow Cooker especially made for travels

the presto nomads may look like a retro English a mate cooler but this handy gadget actually functions as a slow cooker made for travel when you want to hit the road with the Nomad flip up that handle to lock the lid in place tuck the power cord back into its slot and it's ready to roll stick it in the trunk or take it for a walk in terms of functionality the presto Nomad offers warm low and high settings and features an internal crock composed of nonstick aluminum these features do not exactly make the slow cooker stand out from the rest but key feature of innovation lies in the portability of the device taking the presto Nomad on the road is as simple as flipping up the handle which locks the lid in place tuck in the power cord into its slot and it's ready to go thanks to its compact size the slow cooker can easily be stowed away in a trunk or carried by hand the slow cooker is currently available in a 6 quart model and an 8 quart version with the only differences being in the carrying capacity along with its portability the Nomad features bells and whistles like a detachable spoon rest and a tiny dry erase board and marker next to the dial so you can write tuna noodle casserole on the front and everyone will instantly know what goodness lurks beneath the potato chip crust


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