Thai Fried Banana | Thai Street Food Recipe | Gluay Tod |थाई फ्राइड केला

Friends welcome to easyfoodmakingcom today we are going to make famous dish of Thailand fried banana

its street food Let see what ingredient we need 1 banana, 1 spoon maida, coconut powder, we have soaked in child water, if you have fresh coconut then use that if you have coconut power soak it in chilled water for 2 – 3 min it will become fresh, 1 spoon besan(gram flour) , 1 spoon roasted sesame seed(roasted Til ), 1 spoon sugar, if you eat more sweet then take more, 1 bowl rice flour, coconut fresh milk according to need we will use this, for frying we have taken refined oil Lets start making peel the banana and cut it, keep it aside and make paste ready Take one bowl, put Rice flour, maida, sugar, besan, roasted til and coconut powder mix all, 1 pinch salt and baking soda is optional, use coconut milk and make paste Paste is perfect; we will coat this paste on banana after that we will do the deep fry

Dip the banana in the paste once fully covered do the deep fry, same way we will dip the entire banana Put the flame medium, we will flip the entire banana so it will be cooked both the side, till it become dark we will do the deep fry, color is dark now we will switch off the flame and take out the fried banana, Hot hot thia fried banana street food is ready you can serve it hot or cold it will be taste in both way Do like, share and subscribe …


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