Tagore family’s recipe – Raw Hilsa spicy Broth / Kanchaa Ilish er jhol

Tagore family's recipe – Raw Hilsa spicy Broth / Kanchaa Ilish er jhol 3 pieces of Hilsa fish (after cleaning marinated with salt & turmeric powder) 1 tsp mustard paste (smooth) 1 tsp Celery seed paste ½ tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp salt 5 sleeted green chilies ¼ tsp dry roasted 5 spices (paanchforan) ¼ tsp dry roasted cumin seeds First make 2 separate spice mixture with adding amount of water (one with turmeric powder -salt- 2 green chilies and another with mustard paste) Now on the flame and place a dry cauldron First add turmeric powder -salt – green chilies mixture and then add mustard paste mixture Now add raw fish pieces Add amount of water Cover it on medium flame just for 5 minutes If fish pieces are boiled and soft, keep aside in a separate bowl Now heat 1 tbsp mustard oil

Add dry roasted 5 spices and dry roasted cumin seeds (Don't wait for crackling, because whole spices are dry roasted) Pour the broth with fish pieces on tempering Keep the flame on less medium Add Celery seed paste 3 sleeted green chilies Mix all together Flame to high just for a while and move Serve it with steamed rice please like/ share / comment & subscribe my channel


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