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Lovely people! So me and Andrea we're gonna show you a brand new dish on the Jamie's Italian menu It's really good

It's a ravioli, hand made, so much love and care with lobster langoustines and prawns So this is a really nice, this is perfect for the weekend If you look here we got the mezzeluna, that's a name of a ravioli it means halfmoon This is a sepia, like a squid ink pasta It's a little bit umami, a little bit of seasoning and these are stuffed with these three beautiful shellfish but beaten with ricotta and seasoning

So we have six of these and we cook them for about four minutes and while they cook we're gonna do a really simple little sauce We've got some nice tomatoes which we've sliced in half, just a couple, a little olive oil in the pan We just wanna blister those skins a little bit Right and then we've got two sauces here We've got a bouillion, like a kind of fish broth

Right, which has got wonderful depth of flavour white wine all kinds of lovely ingredients and then we've got a passata, tomato sauce So we're gonna blend the two with the tomato, so chef And then we're gonna cut it with creme fraiche Now creme fraiche is this It's a slightly soured double cream

So you get that wonderful richness of the double cream, a little tang to it Which, with the seafood is delicious So I've got some fresh parsley here Parsely goes into the sauce Have a look at this

So that's just bubbling away, when I put that creme fraiche in right, just leave it there for a second, and it will start to ripple Look at that Look, look at that ripple Oh yes! Oh! It's the most, chef the smell is amazing It's good, it is good, it is good

So it's a wonderful combination This, this whole idea of a ravioli, right ravioli the name of the whole family but you have all these different sort of names The mezzeluna, cappellacci , tortellini caramelli Many, many different raviolis But the fact that you've got something covered up it does cook differently

You know? It's not like a noodle pasta it's like a little present, a little gift So this sauce now, look at that you can see it's got depth of flavour but there's a lightness to it as well and a little lemon in there works so well with the lobster and the langoustine And then I'll put it just back on the heat So we'll drag the ravioli into the sauce Really, really nice

Ready Come on then chef Shall we? So look at this lovely people For me, this is definitely something a little bit special Mezzeluna, the halfmoon

Hand made with lots of love Stuffed with the lobster langoustine, prawns and then the sauce on top like that Such a nice sauce and don't forget those tomatoes, little fennel cress just picked over the top So it's fresh, it's light, it's fragrant Come on, Yes! Look at that

Lobster ravioli Beautiful It's got depth of flavour but it's also fresh with that creme fraiche it just kind of cuts through the richness of that deep tomato sauce Really special Come in and try it

It's on the Jamie's Italian menu across the whole country Enjoy Andrea, come have a little try of this! Yes chef! It's good So, as Andrea says, it's good Very good

This is quite hard to stop eating! Haha! It's really good!


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