I start with a few spoons of coconut oil, then onion Then let him choke for minute

Add the peppers and leave them to stew for a minute Follow the mushrooms and other ingredients Tomato koncasse are simply chopped tomatoes in small cubes Later I will show you exactly how they are done Fresh tomatoes, canned or puree

2 pcs of bay leaf Salt and pepper Home-made vegetable broth or mushroom I usually prepare a large dose and it freezer cups So I use when I need it If you want me to show you the technique recipe, write a comment from below to make video on the topic Let it melt cooked, and if you use liquid, just let it cook for 10-15min

Spices You can leave or thicken I use some flour

2sl Nahhteno, as for it's a few seconds on the hot plate For other species – it takes a few more minutes If you love wine, here is the time to add if you are using I do not use it I recommend adding some sweetener to your taste because the tomatoes are sour

I will I use honey, but to do this I have to wait a bit to cool down because the honey is going on carcinogenic if added to hot things or cooked with it I will add it when the temperature is lower than 60C / 140F Stir well and ready, but do not forget to remove the bay leaves It's not good to serve them to someone, is it? 🙂 So, here they are Serve with pasta, puree, rice, cinema or other I chose thin rice spaghetti "Angel's hair" and will I immediately enjoy them If you like easy recipes like this, do not forget to like it video and join our "HEALTHARIAN" family if you are not yet, to see the new videos Here's how I made the tomato koncasse

You just have to cross the cut in the bottom part, place it in water that has been turned on and off Cover with water for 30 seconds after just move to ice cold water The skin will fall, cut in finely and you will get a beautiful concasse If you want more easy tips find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just type HEALTHARIAN in their search engines and you'll see us there The recipe, as usual, will be uploaded to these pages, you will be able to download it when you want it

Here are some more videos with gorgeous recipes and interesting themes Click the green logo to see all the videos, come up with recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle I will we see next Sunday with a new one Чао-ооо 🙂 Thank you! CHANNEL HUNTING


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