Spaghetti Bolognese wIth Mushrooms and Lentil | Vegan, light, delish!

Some red lentils that have been washed and soaked in water button mushrooms washed thoroughly and chopped tomatoes cross slit and blanched in boiling water for 30 secs peel the skin and chop them finely boil the lentils till just done drain the water some chopped onions some chopped garlic some finely chopped capsicum heat some oil in a pan vegetable oil or olive oil add in the mushrooms cook the mushrooms till they become soft once they release all the water make sure to cook it down that looks fairly dry make a well add in the onions and the chopped capsicum season with salt cook till the onions become tender after 2 mins the mushrooms have got some colour on them the onions are translucent and slightly cooked cook it for a minute lower the heat add in the garlic mix it add the tomatoes mix thoroughly season with salt pepper powder dried parsley use the fresh ones for better results dried basil leaves the fresh ones would be a better choice I don't have them so I am using the dried ones mix it let the tomatoes sweat and release some water wait for that to happen stir it from time to time add in dark soy sauce tomato ketchup chili powder mix it cover and cook this is after 5 mins remove half of the mixture into a bowl and blend it turn off the heat add it back to the pan mix them up add in some water add the lentils taste it adjust the seasoning if required that's perfect to me lower the heat cover it cook for 2 – 3 mins checking after 2 mins sauce looks perfect finish off add in maple syrup or honey or sugar some vinegar turn off the heat mix it thoroughly that's ready boil some water for the spaghetti I am doing 2 portions that's about 200g put it in add salt to the water as the spaghetti starts to soften all of it will drop down into the water should take about 10 mins cook it as per your liking al dante or spaghetti with a bite is the preferred choice that looks done this is enough sauce for 2 servings quickly add in the spaghetti right out of the water that's how it should be done right before serving cook the spaghetti the sauceyou can cook earlier give it a toss to mix things up that looks lovely let's plate it up I have a cute platter here some of the chunky sauce on top that looks nice some basil leaves on top I'm using dried basil drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and that's ready to be served Remember to click the Bell Icon when you SUBSCRIBE!


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